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As of November 2015, Bubblews has shut down

I was very disappointed when I heard the news that Bubblews is no more. It seemed like a good idea–paying people to write posts that only needed 400 words. I had cultivated a nice group of people that I followed. A lot of them were women that were around my age and we had similar backgrounds and experiences. Hell, I even connected with people from my home state and nearby! I’ll be wondering about their next venture and hope that they all find a new place to land.

People would blog about what was happening in their life and it was fun to read about their daily lives. I specifically remember a woman named Claudia who I had come to know through her posts. There was another woman who I quite liked who was from New York. I can’t remember her name but I’ll miss reading her posts as well. She was a very good writer.

So long, Bubblews. I really wish you had survived. I enjoyed myself on your site! 🙁


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What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is an easy way to create income online. It is a social media, revenue sharing website that allows it’s members to earn money while creating posts.

Bubblews Facelift

Back in mid-July 2014, the owners completely overhauled the site. It’s has a much better user interface now. When the changeover first took place, there were a few bugs in the system but it’s now running much better. The owners are working very hard to ensure that the changeover is a seamless transition and, in my opinion, for the most part it’s working quite well. It’s been a few months now and things have settled down considerably.

How you get paid

The revenue is split 50/50 between Bubblews and the writer. The post limit is 10 posts per day within a 24-hour time period. Each post must contain at least 400 characters. Yes, I said characters–not words. When your account hits $50 you can cash out and request a redemption. Payment is made via PayPal.

My Experience

I signed up back in June 2014. At first, it was hard work. The money didn’t add up as quickly as I had hoped. But as I continued to post and get more involved with the community, the money indeed started to add up. I recently submitted two redemption requests and one has posted to my Paypal account last week. So you will get paid.  You can expect to be paid in 30-60 days depending on where you are in the world.

The CEO is very involved in the site and has been posting a personal update each week to let the community know what’s being worked on and what has been fixed.

If you are looking to create income online, this is a good place to start. It’s not going to make you rich but it will definitely pay you.

Update: January 5, 2015

Back in November, Bubblews announced that because it’s expenses exceeded it’s income, the company took the decision that it simply could not pay its writers who made redemption requests up to November 11, 2014.  This has left many writers angry and I suspect that quite a few have left or have taken a sabbatical.

I’m still on the fence. Because people are leaving your articles don’t generate the income they used to. There were many seasoned writers on Bubblews who claimed that they could make $1.00 a post. I’d say those days are long gone because now your income is tied to their advertisers.

The CEO has indicated that there are big changes coming in the months of January and February 2015. We can only hope that those changes are beneficial to the earnings of the writers who have remained loyal.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my review on Bubblews. If you have any experiences with Bubblews, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.





2 thoughts on “Bubblews Review”

  1. That is a very good review! I have never heard of this company. I do wish them well and I hope that they can turn things around. Not just for them but for their writers as well. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you

    • Hi Suzette,

      I really want to believe in these guys. They are trying so hard to make a really good experience for writers who want to earn a little cash. I’ll keep checking back in on them and let everyone know of any upcoming changes. In the meantime, for people who are interested in building a long-term business, I recommend this.



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