CPAmatica Review – Is It Worth The Work?

CPAmatica Review

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an affiliate program. There are tons of them out there! Many bloggers join more than one program in order to create multiple streams of income. And that’s a smart move. In this CPAmatica review, we’ll take you through how this affiliate network works and whether it’s a good fit for you. You’ll probably be surprised by the requirements.

What is CPAmatica?

CPAmatica is an affiliate network company based in the Ukraine. It was founded by Evgeniy Prima in 2015. Cpamatica operates throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia.

How Does CPAmatica Work?

As an affiliate network, bloggers can sign up to CPAmatica to advertise products on their website. CPAmatica is a CPA network that pays commission per action. So you could be paid for clicks, impressions, or other actions such as filling out forms.

What We Like About CPAmatica

Here are some features of the CPAmatica Affiliate Network:

  • Referral program pays 2% commissions
  • Payments can be issued weekly
  • Dedicated account manager assigned to you upon approval
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom options for ads

These are all pretty good features, but if you should get rejected, you can always apply to other networks.

How Do You Make Money With CPAmatica?

Your income potential will vary depending on the commission rates of individual advertisers. Because CPAmatica is a CPA program, you earn commissions through actions taken when a visitor clicks on an ad. Your potential income will also depend on the type of ads you have on your site, their placement and how much qualified traffic your site gets. You are only paid for clicks from approved countries. Any clicks outside of the qualified countries, you won’t earn a commission for. If you think your traffic numbers could use a boost, learn how to get tons of free traffic to your website here.

When Do CPAmatica Affiliates Receive Payments?

Payments to affiliates are net 15 which means that you get paid 15 days after the end of the previous month. The minimum payout is $50 so once your account reaches $50 you can cash out. Minimum requirements and payment methods are listed below:

  • Wire transfer – $1,000
  • Paxum – $250
  • Webmoney – $50
  • Payoneer – $250
  • ePayments – $500

If your account is below the threshold at the end of the month, your funds roll over to the next pay cycle. And while this situation is pretty rare, your commissions can be held until CPAmatica is paid by the advertiser.

How To Get Started With CPAmatica

In order to be an affiliate with CPAmatica, you will need to fill out an online application and be pre-approved. Part of the approval process requires the following information:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Provide your Skype number for approval process
  • Your Facebook or LinkedIn profile ID
  • Information on your past affiliate marketing experience
  • Submit your payment information

This approval process may seem intimidating to some. Part of the application process includes discussing your website with an account representative. The account representative will determine if you are approved or not. If you should be rejected, try joining other networks that are easier to sign up for.

How To Login To CPAmatica

To log into your CPAmatica account, click this link.

CPAmatica Support For Affiliates

According to my research, CPAmatica claims 24/7 support but there was no indication of what this actually is in their terms and conditions. If you have any questions, you can contact your account manager. Alternatively, you can contact them by email at

CPAmatica Complaints

We’ve talked about the features of CPAmatica and how it works. Now, let’s take a look at a few things that may give you reason to bypass this one:

Negative Balances Will Cost You

It’s possible that your account could fall into a negative balance situation due to a chargeback. If your account falls below 0, you are subject to 1.5% interest per month. You must remit payment to CPAmatica to bring your account back up to a 0 balance.

Referral Program is Lacking

You can earn 2% referral commission on any fees payments made to new affiliates. This 2% commission is only payable during the first 12 months of the affiliate’s registration.

No PayPal Option

CPAmatica has a lot of great payment methods but many people rely on PayPal. If you live in a country that makes it difficult to accept any of CPAmatica’s payment methods, you are out of luck with this one.

Traffic Restrictions Do Apply

Traffic to your website is very important with CPAmatica because you will only be paid for sales from the allowed countries. So if your traffic comes from a country that’s not an allowed country, you will not be paid for those sales.

None of these complaints are really deal breakers but the traffic restrictions might be a problem for you if you don’t have enough qualifying traffic to your site. If you need more decent traffic to your site, learn how to get great free traffic to your website here.

Is CPAmatica A Reputable Company?

CPAmatica is a legitimate program but trying to sign up with them can feel like a long job interview process. If you should be rejected, there are plenty of other affiliate networks to check out such as Above All Offers and FlexOffers.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. If you are a member of CPAmatica, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the network. And if you should have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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18 thoughts on “CPAmatica Review – Is It Worth The Work?”

  1. Thanks for making a review on CPAmatica. Though i haven’t come across that word before initially not until after reading your article. I have been searching for a consistent means to earn some few bucks online all this while. Their payment method on CPAmatica is fair enough and their minimum cash out too of $50 in my opinion is cool. From your review i think its worth giving CPAmatica a try, just that i would love if you can give us hints on how to be accepted on CPAmatica, maybe in your subsequent posts. Thanks in anticipation

    • Hi Dapoach. CPAmatica is the only network I have found so far that wants to have a Skype call with you to discuss your website. I’ve heard of others that want you to provide traffic numbers when you apply but not this type of screening. I’ll try and provide more information in subsequent posts. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna

  2. I recently heard about CPAmatica and although they have some pretty good ratings, I think getting into their program for a lot of people might be difficult. I don’t think new online entrepreneurs stand any chance of being able to get accepted into the program. 

    The fact that they might be country restricted makes it even more difficult. Paypal is a favorite for a lot of people and I don’t just understand why they don’t make use of paypal.

    Anyway I would give them a try and see if they probably accept me.

    • Hello Jay. The Paypal thing can be a deal breaker for a lot of people that live outside the U.S. I think newbies will be hesitant to try and join because of the long approval process. I think they may have used Paypal but have removed it from their terms and conditions. Newbies would be better off with easier programs to get into like Amazon or Clickbank. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review. Alanna 

  3. Thanks Alana for taking the time to write this review on CPAmatica.I’m hearing of CPAmatica for the first time from you.  It is great to hear that they are legit.Their features that include 24/7 support, dedicated account manager, weekly payment option sound good. However, my concerns are the complaints you listed. Hope the company is working to resolve some of this company especially the one on negative balances and no paypal option. 

    • Hi Tolu. It’s tough enough to find legitimate companies out there. Luckily, i have found a few but the requirements can make it difficult for some people. It always pays to read the terms and conditions to make sure you don’t encounter any surprises. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna

  4. Sincerely this is my first time hearing about cpamatica. With all you list on how to make money from the site it really sounds great but the way you describe how to affiliate marketer on the website. This can take a long time before a new account can be approved and that is time many don’t have. Apart from that everything on it sounds great and thanks for this review I find it useful.

    • Hi Ajibola40. There are other networks I’ve come across that ask for your phone number so they can discuss your website details with you before they approve your application. That’s why it’s so important to read the terms and conditions so you know what you are getting into. The main thing will be how much can you make and when you get paid. There are plenty of other networks out there so don’t lose heart. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna

  5. The CPAmatica being a legitimate site but I don’t think it will be good for a newbie who just have a new website and needs massive traffic to your site, whereas in CPAmatica, you can’t earn money without having a massive traffic to your site so that adverts can be placed on the site for visitors to click. 

    • Hi Kenechi. Traffic is a big part of any network scheme. And anyone who is just getting started will not do well with this type of program until their traffic numbers are high enough. Thank you for stopping by. Alanna

  6. Good Morning Alanna,

    I started reading in a positive mood but reaching the end of your post I am really doubtful if CPAmatica is something for me.

    Do I have to provide my Skype number? I do not have Facebook and neither Linkedin. I like PayPal and to have to pay 1.5% interest if your account is below 0, that really sounds like a real bank.

    I have Google Adsense on both of my websites and perhaps it might clash also having CPAmatica?

    All in all, I am not very impressed and think I will stay with what I have.

    Regards, Taetske


    • Hi Taetske. Yes, you do need to provide your Skype number and you will have to speak to someone who will evaluate your site and decide if you  can become a member or not. If you have Google Adsense on your site, you will also need to make sure there’s no conflicting ads. If you are happy with your current monetizing strategy, you may as well stick with what you have. You can always join at a later time. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna

  7. Hello Alanna, this is a great review about the CPAmatica affiliate network.

    In my own opinion, I think CPAmatica looks very okay but its features and options are limiting to a lot of people. Apart from the fact that it does not cover Africa, where a large ton of newbies looking to make an income on the internet come from, it application process looks more like a job interview and can discourage some people.

    However, wouldn’t you love to review your PayPal review about the network? I just checked on them and they enable Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments payment methods.

    Nevertheless, I think it a great network because it has a nice UI(User Interface) which makes newbies comfortable and they’ve got a lot of positive reviews on their site irrespective of their limitations (as you stated here). 

    • Hi Sammy. I checked the terms and conditions very carefully and there’s no mention of Paypal. Perhaps that was an option at one time but isn’t any longer. Some affiliate sites can be confusing to the blogging newcomer.This site is definitely harder to join than others I have reviewed. Thank you for stopping by. Alanna

  8. Hmm, only getting paid for clicks from approved countries – for me, that’s a big turnoff. We are though global or are we not? Why would they limit that? For me, it kinda does not make sense. I mean, I totally agree with you, it’s not a total deal breaker but it just happens so that a good portion of my traffic comes from countries they do not support.

    And not having a Paypal option, is huge for me. A huge downside that is by my books.

    Either way, Alana, I truly appreciate you sharing the information that you have as this has saved me a lot of time. You have my utmost gratitude. By your recommendation, will check out some of those other networks. 🙂

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    • Hi Matiss. In one way, I can kind of understand that they can only pay for clicks from certain countries.  If an advertiser’s products isn’t available in certain countries, I guess they shouldn’t have to pay for clicks from them. But that’s not the publisher’s fault either. Lack of Paypal is a disappointment to me too. Glad you enjoyed the review. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna

  9. A very insightful and thorough review I must say, Alanna. Thank you for all the efforts it took to make the article happen. 

    I personally love the fact that they are so flexible with the cash-outs, I do, however, not enjoy the fact that they do not offer the Paypal option. 

    I have to also admit. You were absolutely right, I was totally surprised by the requirements.

    So, they’ll want me to discuss my website with account representatives, I’ve never done anything like that. And my Skype number, honest to God, I’m not sure if I have that…

    Well, I don’t know… I will check out some of your other recommendations but whether or not I should join the CPAmatica I’ll still have to contemplate about.

    Have a Wonderful Day, Alanna!


    • Hi Rasa. I know what you mean. Personally, I’m not sure I’d go through the whole Skype calling process either. The Paypal payment thing is a concern as well. So many people rely on it, including myself, simply because it’s so quick and easy. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna


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