Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

One of the most common ways affiliate marketers make money is with the Amazon Affiliate program. There’s also many affiliate marketers that are new on the scene who think that Amazon is such a big fish, how could you possibly make any decent money promoting their products?

In my opinion, because Amazon is such a big fish, there’s plenty of room for affiliate marketers to promote Amazon products and do quite well. Personally, I am an Amazon affiliate and have seen my sales steadily increase from promoting their products. So let’s dive in, shall we?

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon has an affiliate program whereby they will pay you a commission on any sales generated from promoting their products. They have a tiered commission rate system that starts at 4%.

How can you make money selling Amazon?

Any Amazon product purchased through your website qualifies for a commission of a minimum of 4%. Now, perhaps that doesn’t sound like much and maybe it isn’t. It will all depend on what Amazon products you have listed on your site. You can list specific products or simply place an Amazon ad on your site and let Amazon determine what is displayed.

You can add Amazon banners and links to your website if you choose to. You can also create an Amazon store called an aStore and even display an Amazon Shopping Cart on your site.


What if you don’t have a website? Well, you can also copy/paste a link to the Amazon page you view on your Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Amazon Affiliate Reports

Amazon has a number of different reports that provide you with an array of information depending on what you are tracking. You can access these reports any time and customize your output by month, week, day, etc.

Report categories are:

  • Tracking ID Summary
  • Earnings
  • Orders
  • Payment History
  • Link type
  • Daily Trends
  • Miscellaneous Referrals

Getting Paid

Associates are paid quarterly. For instance, any sales accumulated in the month of January will be paid out at the end of March.

Minimum Payment

The minimum payment for Amazon Associates is $100. if you are receiving payment via check you will incur a $15 processing fee. If receiving payment by direct deposit your bank details must be on file with Amazon. You can also request an Amazon Gift Card for any amount over $10.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

In order to join Amazon Affiliate Program, all you need to do is click here to get started and you will see an image similar to the image below.

You also need to comply with all rules and regulations including displaying a disclaimer on your website that you are an Amazon Associate.This can be in the form of a Disclaimer page linked from your homepage.  

What if you don’t live in the USA?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is available to the following countries outside the United States: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Spain and the Netherlands.

Certain U.S. States Are Not Eligible For The Program

Due to changes in U.S. tax laws, residents of the following states are not eligible to participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program: Rhode Island, Arkansas, Louisiana, Vermont, Maine,or Missouri.


Do not buy Amazon products through your own links! If Amazon get wind of this, they will ban you from their affiliate program. Yes, people have tried and yes, people have been banned. This is a BIG NO-NO!!

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