Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

Here’s yet another way to make a little extra income–Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is another program for making a little extra money online but does Amazon Mechanical Turk work? Can you make any decent money with this program? I have to say, I’ve been dying to try this out to see for myself. A study conducted back in 2013 found that there were roughly around 30,000 MTurk workers. This is quite a small number when you compare it to how many people are online everyday trying to make a few extra bucks.

What is The Amazon Mechanical Turk Program

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a website that outsources computer tasks that tend to be quite short in nature. Companies advertise for work to be completed that computers cannot do. Only U.S. based employers can advertise for workers on this site. It’s very similar to other outsourcing sites such as Fiverr and review sites such as Slice the Pie

Amazon Mechanical Turk Jobs

You make money by completing HITs (human intelligence tasks).  The type of work you will be doing will be tasks that computers can’t do such as pick photos that have street lamps in them; type descriptions of products; view web pages for inappropriate content, etc. Companies who advertise for work must state a description of the task, how much you will be paid for that task, and how much time you have to complete the task.

Who Can Use Mechanical Turk?

People who work for Amazon Mechanical Turk are worldwide. That being said, I was rejected from the program. I’m guessing it’s because I live outside of the U.S. I live in Ireland so the program is not available to us here so it’s not really clear to me what countries are eligible for this program. That information is not listed in the Terms and Conditions.

Do you need any special skills to make money?

Generally, no. But companies can set up and request that you complete a qualification test to ensure that you can complete the task at hand. This saves the company time in reviewing work if you have been pre-qualified. It also weeds out people who may submit work that will be rejected because of the quality.

How do you get paid from Mechanical Turk?

Once you complete a task, you submit it. Provided that your work has been accepted by the requester, you will be paid for that work. Your work may sit in Pending for a while until approved by the requester. If your work is rejected, the company is not required to pay you for that work.

If you are based in the United States, you can be paid directly into your bank account. Workers who reside in India are paid with a live check. All other locations are paid with an Amazon Gift Card.

Is Mechanical Turk Worth It?

Hard to say. It all depends on your circumstances. As someone who lives outside of the United States, I cannot even test this program. My application has been declined. No reason was given other than that I was declined and they cannot give a reason why. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. 

does Amazon Mechanical Turk work

If you are living in the United States, I’d say that you could make some nice extra change just by sitting around in your spare time. But if you are outside the U.S., it may not be possible. I could not find any information in the Terms and Conditions of an MTurk worker that addressed available locations or location restrictions. That information seems to be carefully cloaked under their proprietary criteria. If you’ve ever worked as an MTurk worker, I’d love to hear about your experience–good or bad.

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