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Owner: Founded by Andy Ballester, Tim Carter, Brianne Pedersen and Amanda Schaffer

Rating: 0/100

In this Fanbox review, I will explain what Fanbox is, what it isn’t and why you should avoid it at all costs. You may have found this site in your quest to make money online. You may have even signed up but never completed your profile. So why do you keep getting all those emails?

What is Fanbox?

Fanbox is a social media company. It’s also a marketplace where people can place ads. So the idea is that the higher your viewership, the more money you can earn. There are also a number of different ways to earn money that are addressed below.

Where is Fanbox located?

Fanbox is headquartered in San Diego, California. They have been in business since June 2001 and are incorporated.

Contact Information:

611 K St #B-411

San Diego, CA 92101 – USA

Customer Support:

Billing Department:

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-877-978-1761

email address:

How Do You Make Money at Fanbox?

People earn money by posting advertisements, creating content. In order to get paid, you must be a top blogger who’s blogs receive a lot of traffic. Users can also place ads in the Fanbox Marketplace for products or services.


  • Members get paid for writing and sharing content
  • Members can buy advertising
  • Promote services or products that are listed on your Fanbox blog
  • Uploading and sharing pictures and videos
  • Create an auction in order to sell products much like eBay
  • Create ads on your blogs or other member blogs
  • Members receive 30% of products sold
  • Sell your own products
  • If you don’t want to pay for ads, you can opt for IPLs (I’ll Pay Later) which are ad credits.
  • There’s a learning center for Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, and Vietnamese.


  • Only top members get paid; those with the largest viewership.
  • Fanbox retains the rights to all content you create and publish
  • Videos only earn money in the first 24 hours it’s been added to your profile
  • People have to actually watch the whole video in order for you to earn money; simply clicking on the video won’t count
  • You are required to validate your account by providing a credit card number or valid Paypal account

BBB gives Fanbox an A Rating

Members who filed complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) hoping for resolution were astounded that the BBB gave Fanbox a rating of A. The BBB base their ratings on a few factors.

  • How long a company has been in business
  • Response to complaints
  • Resolution of complaints

Keep in mind that in order to get any kind of rating with the BBB, the company has to be registered with the BBB and pay a registration fee. But this does not mean that Fanbox is accredited by the BBB. The purpose of the BBB is to resolve complaints. The more complaints a company gets, the worse their rating gets. In the case of Fanbox, they resolved the complaints against them.

Fanbox is not accredited by the BBB

Fanbox does not meet the BBB accreditation standards

“Fanbox Daily Earnings” – Are They Real?

If you signed up with Fanbox then you’ve probably received countless emails notifying you of your “earnings.” They are in the thousands, right? I’m not bragging but I made over $4,000 at Fanbox from doing nothing! And I’m not kidding you. I honestly mean I did NOTHING.

Welcome to the Fanbox “earnings” scam.  I fell for it. Now, I usually walk into an Internet offer being pretty skeptical and basically the company or offer has to prove to me that it’s legit. But I always do my due diligence anyway because in the end, I will have no one to blame but myself if I do get scammed.

So here’s the rub. When you get those emails touting how you made thousands of dollars, etc. and you KNOW you did nothing more than sign up with them, take a deep breath, shake your head and move on. Here’s why. Those earnings are not earnings. In this case, they are IPLs. IPL is Fanbox’s abbreviation for their “I’ll Pay later” program which are ad credits.

fanbox review fanbox review

Here’s how you can prove it to yourself. If you receive an email from Fanbox that says you can cash out your “daily earnings” go ahead and head on over to Fanbox and look in the left sidebar. There will be no cash out button. And I guarantee you, you will not find one. Why? Because that money doesn’t exist.

As you can see by my screenshot, I made $4,779.52. I was skeptical but thought, ok, I’ll bite. So I headed over to  Fanbox by clicking on the Validate your account link and ended up with the Validate your identity screen. So I had an option to either give them my credit card number or use my Paypal account. Neither of which I was willing to do because to me, that information doesn’t “validate” me!

How do I get paid?

Good question. According to their Terms and Conditions, any inactive account isn’t eligible for earnings. So why do I keep receiving notifications of my earnings?

I could not find a payment schedule, minimum cash out or how payments were paid anywhere in the Terms and Conditions. I did find information about virtual currency in the form of “Earnings.” And that any payments were at the sole discretion of Fanbox.

How to stop Fanbox emails

If you are getting bombarded with emails from Fanbox everyday or every other day, here are a few tips to stop them.

  • Send all the Fanbox mail to your spam folder where they will eventually get deleted
  • Go to your account settings in your Fanbox account and click  the delete account button
  • Send a request to the Fanbox support email address at:

Why You Should Avoid Fanbox – Fanbox Complaints

Fanbox has received numerous complaints regarding the use of members’ credit card information and Paypal accounts. According to these members, once members provided their credit card details or Paypal account information, they were immediately hit with fees repeatedly.

I find the whole “validate your account” thing suspect. There is no reason I can think of that Fanbox should need either your credit card details or your Paypal account to validate your account. Think about it. Anytime you’ve need to have your identity verified, you were sent an email with a clickable link that would verify you. And a credit card number or Paypal doesn’t “validate” you. It doesn’t even guarantee that you are providing YOUR credit card number! It could be your partner’s or parent’s number.

The Fanbox Daily Earnings report is completely absurd. That money is not real. It does not exist.

My other really big problem with Fanbox is that the average user will not get paid much if at all for their content. You have to build up viewership and be a top blogger in order to get paid. If indeed you actually do get paid. If you still think that you can make money at Fanbox, I advise you to first read the Terms and Conditions and then make your decision.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Fanbox. There’s too many red flags for me. If you are interested in being your own boss and creating your own online income, join me by clicking on the link below.

learn how to become a freelancer

Thank you for taking the time to read my Fanbox review. I hope you found the information helpful. If you have any experiences with Fanbox that you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.

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