How To Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

How to Buy A Domain Name and Hosting

In this article, I will show you the next step in creating your website–how to buy a domain name and hosting. You’ll also learn what you need to consider when choosing the type of name you want. So let’s get started!

how to buy a domain name and hosting

What is a Domain Name and Hosting

In a previous post, I talked about how to find a niche for your great website idea.  You can buy your domain name and hosting from one company or, alternatively, you can buy them both from separate companies. Let’s talk about what a domain name actually is.

A domain name is the name of your website and will appear in searches when someone looks for information related to your site. The hosting is the address of your site or where your site lives.

When choosing a domain name you will also need to decide what type of domain name you want. There are many different extensions that indicate different types of domains. The most common domain name extension is the .com extension and it is the extension I’d recommend. Some other extensions include:

  • .com: represents commercial and is the most widely used extension and most recognized
  • .edu: represents education sites
  • .gov: government sites in the U.S.
  • .net: represents Internet; used primarily by Internet companies
  • .org: organization; used primarily for non-profit organizations
  • .biz: small business websites
  • .info: signifies a resource website
  • United Kingdom; can be used by anyone
  • .eu: European Union; can only be acquired if you have a registered business within the EU.
how to buy a domain name and hosting

Buying a Domain Name

Domain names, in general, are not all that expensive. Many companies offer yearly subscriptions for $10-12. There are several companies where you can buy a domain name. Most hosting companies have a service providing domain names as well as hosting. Once you have a few keywords that you’d like to have in your domain name, you can see if the name is available.  If your name is not available, other alternatives are usually listed as well. Make sure you have a few domain name ideas in mind before you start your domain name search. Your domain name should have a keyword in it wherever possible. You can see instantly if your domain name is available by using the box below.

What is WHOIS Guard?

Usually, when you buy a domain name you also get an option to buy a WHOIS guard. A WHOIS guard protects the privacy of the domain owner–YOU!  A WHOIS guard usually costs approximately $4.00 per year and is a separate subscription cost. (You can get a WHOIS guard for free by clicking the link below.) A WHOIS guard protects your contact information from being publicly displayed in a domain name search. This is more of a personal choice. It’s not a necessity to have one but it’s a good idea. Having a WHOIS guard will protect you from spammers who trawl websites looking for public information to exploit. The way this works is that people who are looking to trawl websites will use a whois lookup online tool to find out where the site is hosted, who owns the site and contact information such as address, phone number, and email address. They can then plug this information into a database and start spamming your site with comments. One of the things that stops people from getting started is the fear of technical things such as domain names, hosting packages, and WordPress. Once you know how to buy a domain name and hosting, the rest is simply a matter of setting up your WordPress site, which we will cover in the next step, creating content and, my favorite part, PUBLISHING! There are many sites that sell domain names and hosting. You can also get it all in one place by clicking on the link below.