How To Find Affiliate Programs to Join

One of the best things about blogging is monetization. Finding products to promote on your site is a great way to earn money for all the hard work you put into your site. It’s also a great addition to the information you provide your readers. If you landed here, you want to know how to find affiliate programs. This article will show you how you can find awesome affiliate programs without a ton of research. If you want to go straight to the demo, check out my video on how to find affiliate programs.

What Is An Affiliate Program And How Does It Work?

Finding products to promote on your site is one thing. Finding affiliate programs that offer those products to promote that are in your niche is another.

Let’s say you have a website that discusses gardening. How to grow certain plants, what type of soil they need, what type of climate they thrive in–you get the picture. You decide you want to promote certain gardening tools that will help your readers with their gardening. What do you do? You look for an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is a program run by the companies that provide the products. By joining an affiliate program, the company gives you the right to promote their products on your site and in turn will pay you a commission for each sale you make. These commissions will vary depending on the program and the products.

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

Let’s use XYZ Gardening Supplies as an example. (Totally made up company, by the way.) By joining their affiliate program, you promote products on your site as an additional service to your readers. Your readers will read your article, see your affiliate link and hopefully click on it to check out the product. If they buy the product, you’ll get a commission paid to you by the company’s affiliate program.

What Is An Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are much bigger than affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are offered by individual companies whereas affiliate networks offer products from sometimes hundreds of different companies.

So let’s go back to our gardening site example for a moment. If you join an affiliate program, you’ll be promoting only gardening products from that one individual company. But by joining an affiliate network, you can promote gardening products from a whole host of different companies!

Which is Better? Affiliate Program or Affiliate Network?

It’s really almost a no brainer. Joining affiliate networks gives you much more to choose from. Depending on the affiliate network, once you sign up you can start promoting products right away.

How To Find Affiliate Programs

Normally, when you are looking for an affiliate program, you have to do a lot of research. Here are some of the steps you will need to take:

  • Do a Google search on your product to find an affiliate program. This means that you would open a Google search and type in the search bar: [product or niche] + affiliate program.
  • Google will then return results most closely related to that search term.
  • Next, you’ll have to scroll down through the list and see if anything pops out at you based on the description.
  • Once you click on a link, you’ll need to find the specifications for the affiliate program. Some things you’ll need to be on the lookout for are:
    • What is the commission rate?
    • Is the offer available in your state or country?
    • What are the payout options?
    • How soon will you be paid?
    • Is there a minimum balance you need before you get paid?

Once you have this information, you can then make a decision on if the program is worth your while or not. But what if you could see all that information at a glance as well as compare programs?

Wouldn’t It Be Great If there Was A Product That Did All That For You?

Wealthy Affiliate has just launched an incredible new tool that will be a game changer for anyone looking for affiliate networks and programs to join. This tool is available to anyone with a free account. Check out the video below to see a demo of how this awesome new tool works.

So instead of doing all the Google research, you can simply type in a search term into the Affiliate Program Search bar and instantly get a list of affiliate programs and networks. You’ll be able to see at a glance the name of the network and the commission rate. By viewing the program details, you can find out additional information on payout options, minimum payout requirements, country availability, currency and more.

How To Find Affiliate Programs


Listed above is a screenshot of all the different features of the Affiliate Program Search tool. See the numbered list below for a detailed description.

  1. Click here in your WA Dashboard to open the program
  2. Expanded list of categories you can choose from. You can select one category or many.
  3. Type your search term here for a more targeted result
  4. This option allows you to filter the way your information is displayed
  5. By using this option you can display information in an ascending or descending order
  6. Most popular categories
  7. Popular keywords
  8. Trending opportunities you can explore
  9. Most popular affiliate networks starting with High Commissions networks

Find Affiliate Programs

How To Find Affiliate Programs


The above screenshot shows the filters you can use. This is helpful for finding specific information for your situation. So if you only want to see companies that offer Paypal or are available in certain countries, you can do that. The screenshot to the right allows you to display certain information in an ascending or descending order.





How To Compare Affiliate Networks

You can also compare affiliate network offers based on a number of different criteria such as commission rates, currencies, payout options and more. Checkout the screenshots below.









By clicking on the View Details button at the bottom, you can find additional information about the affiliate network program as well as a link at the top to join the program. By clicking the Join Program link you will be taken directly to the affiliate network site where you can sign up for the program.


You can see from the video and screenshots above that this is a VERY powerful tool to have in your arsenal. With this new tool you won’t need to do a Google search for an affiliate program again. No more spending hours clicking from one link to another on an affiliate program site just trying to find basic information only to discover the offer isn’t offered in your area, for instance.

You will save a ton of time when trying to find affiliate programs and/or networks to join. You get tons of information at a glance allowing you to focus more on your site and promoting good quality content and products.

I hope you will check this out. It really is a game changer! If you do check it out, be sure to say hi by leaving me a message on my profile page. I’d love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts you’d like to share you can also leave a comment below.

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