How To Find The Top Keywords

Keyword Research

In this next article, we are going to discuss how to find the top keywords for your niche, your domain, and/or your content. If you  have ever searched for something on the internet, you will be familiar with keywords. Each time you type a word or phrase into a search engine search bar, you are using keywords. The keywords you use are probably close and/or exactly what you are looking to find in your search results. That is essentially the description of keywords.

When it comes to looking for keywords in your niche, it’s important to know how to find the top keywords that have a decent amount of searches with low QSR–quality search results. So I’m going to show you how to use the keyword tool that I swear by. It’s never failed me yet. This tool is included as part of a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Use the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

  • Open up the keyword tool
  • Type in a word or a short phrase. The keyword tool will return all results related to that word or phrase. The longer the phrase, the more details and narrow your search results will be.
  • You can scroll down and pick and choose which keywords best fit your niche. Check any boxes on the left that you would like to save.
  • Once you have checked all the keywords you want to keep, click the blue Save To List button. Give your list a name, then click Save List. Your list and any future lists will be saved. You can also save additional keywords to pre-existing lists.

How To Find The Top Keywords

So now let’s talk about the search results. Let’s examine the results from a search I did using the keyword phrase: “the best food processor.” The screenshot below shows you the results returned when I used that keyword phrase.

how to find the top keywords
  1. Searches: This number represents the number of times this word or phrase appears in the monthly search results. This number should be >50.
  2. Traffic: This is the estimated number of daily visits you may get using that particular keyword.
  3. Competition: This is an important part of your keyword decision. When you click on the “View Results” link, you will see the QSR–quality search results. This number should be below 100. The lower the better here. The lower the number, the less competition you will to rank for this keyword.
  4. Article Power: This is a ranking tool that will tell you how well your keyword can possibly rank. You want this number to be at least 8. The lower the number here, the less chance you have of getting decent rankings.
  5. PPC: PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This information is similar to Article Power above but because I don’t use PPC, I don’t worry about this one.
  6. Dig: This is a great feature to use when you have found a word that you like but want more results. When you click Dig, you will get results that are more targeted to that particular keyword.
how to find the top keywords
how to find the top keywords
how to find the top keywords

The screenshots above are the results of clicking the “View Result” under the Competition Column. The number on the left–250–is too high. This number should be under 100 if you want to get decent rankings. I then tried a different keyword–best food processor on the market. This gave me a much better QSR result–66. Combined with the Searches and Article Power, I would save this keyword and use it if i was writing an article about food processors.

Use these instructions to help you find keywords for your niche, help you write article content or to choose your domain name. Note: When choosing a domain name you can and should use a keyword in the domain name as long as it has decent QSR.

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