How To Make Your Own Podcasts

We’ve covered a lot about podcasts recently, huh? Now we’ll talk about how to make your own podcasts. A few things to keep in mind before we jump in. First of all, if you haven’t read  my previous posts, Here’s a list of what we’ve covered so far:

Setting Up Your Podcast

In order to be set up to do a podcast, the following should be in place:

  • Your interview is confirmed and your interviewee is at the ready.
  • You’ve completed a test recording to ensure that noise levels and speaking levels are normal.
  • You’ve discussed the questions and topics of your podcast with the interviewee.
  • You are in a quiet place free of interruption for the duration of your podcast
  • Make sure you have WASAPI selected from the drop-down menu below the microphone. This ensures 2-way recording.
  • Check the sound levels before you start recording

When you are ready, press the record button. Then make the call to your interviewee. You can edit out the dial tone and ringing tone after the recording.

how to make your own podcasts

How to Edit Audacity Recordings

I had planned to have a video explaining how to edit Audacity recordings but unfortunately, I have run into some technical difficulty. Not with the software but with the hardware of my laptop. I will get that sorted and put up a video tutorial. Apologies about that.

When editing your recording the first thing you should do after you save it is to MAKE A COPY of it. That way, no matter what happens during the editing process, you’ll have a backup if you need it.

Listen to the entire recording stopping at intervals where you may want to edit out sound, etc. Make notes as you go along. This may sound like overkill but if it’s your first recording, this step can save you time in the long run because you will already know what’s coming up and may have a corresponding note to help you through the editing process.

Things you’ll want to edit are: dead silence, background noise, voices that are too soft and trail off and any other distractions. You will also want to make sure that you are happy with your intro and the ending of the podcast. That’s something that will stick in the minds of your audience so make it good!

If you don’t have a logo for your business, create a simple one even if it’s just a quick Google slide from your Google Drive app. Something that you will use again and again so your audience will get to know it as your brand.

Once you are completely satisfied with the recording you can then save it as an MP3 provided you previously downloaded a copy of LAME when you installed Audacity.

I’ll have more info in the next few days that I’m looking forward to sharing with you so please bear with me. This is an exciting topic! One that I think you’ll really enjoy!


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