How to Produce a Podcast

In my previous article we talked about how to get started with podcasting and how podcasts can benefit your online business. Today I want to discuss how to produce a podcast. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Although it does require specialized software and some planning. But I think you’ll be surprised by how easy it is. I don’t work on a Mac so the information presented here is specific to PCs.

Podcasting Necessities

You may have most or all of the equipment you will need already with the exception of the recording software. If you are serious about making podcasts, do yourself a favor and invest a little money in decent equipment. Your ear buds with the little microphone on it might be great for making/taking calls, but it won’t do the job for podcasting. Using cheap equipment will result in your podcast sounding cheap and unprofessional. You can pick up a USB microphone and headphones relatively cheap and still get good quality sound.


At the bare minimum you will need:

Computer: as long as your computer is compatible with a decent microphone and headset you should be fine. No need to rush out and buy a brand new computer if the one you have is no more than five years old.

Internet access: most people have fiber broadband so your Internet speed should also be sufficient. You will need decent broadband for the recording process as well as the uploading process. Both take up a lot of bandwidth. Depending on the length of time of your podcast, it could turn out to be quite a large file.

Microphone: it would serve you well to spend a little money here. Look for a USB microphone that you can plug into your computer. With the “plug and play” technology, it will connect right away. Prices for microphones start at around $25 on Amazon.

Headphones: having proper headphones helps to eliminate feedback into the microphone. This will help you monitor the sound as you are recording. Headphone prices on Amazon start at around $30. In order to suppress sound as much as possible, look for hard shell headphones. These types of headphones can drown out the most sound.

Recording software: Recording software allows you to record and mix either in real time or after your recording session. Recording software can be VERY expensive. If you are looking to spend the least amount of money, and especially if you are new to podcasting, look for a free download which is discussed in more depth below.

Best Podcasting Recording Software

Before installing any software, be sure that it is compatible with your computer. Check the specifications and requirements of the software and match it up with your computer. There will usually be minimum requirements for any software. Your computer should have a little more than the minimum requirements in terms of RAM, processor speed, and storage in order for it to run well.

Audacity: the best FREE alternative.  If you are looking to create a quality podcast without spending a huge amount of money, Audacity should do the trick. It is now compatible with Windows 10 and allows you to record many different file types such as MP3, WAV, and OGG. I don’t want to scare you off with a lot of technical jargon but if you give yourself a little time to get to know the software, you’ll be impressed with what it can do.

Adobe Audition: This software comes at a price although it’s not as expensive as some other high-end software. You can use Adobe Audition for $24.59 per month. If you wanted to test the waters with Adobe Audition, you could take it for a test run with a free trial and then make your decision. It has a lot of the same features of Audacity. You can check out features of both in the videos below.


In the next post, I’ll discuss how to record a podcast with Audacity. As you can see, you can record quality podcasts and recordings with a small investment. If you found this information useful or have anything you’d like to add, please leave a comment below.


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