How To Speed Up a Website

If you think your website is slow, knowing how to speed up a website will keep you from losing valuable traffic and valuable Google rankings as well. Website speed is one of many important components for your website. This article will address what causes a website to slow down, what steps you can take to ensure your site is loading at optimum speed, and how your hosting company can play a part in how fast your site loads.

Why is Site Speed Important?

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Site speed has a direct impact on your site visitors. Think about it. When you visit a site, if it takes to long for the page to load, you may get impatient and click away from that site. What if that was YOUR site? Would you want visitors clicking away simply because the page didn’t load fast enough? Probably not.

Another key factor regarding site speed is Google ranking. Load speeds play a part in how Google determines your ranking. If pages on your site are loading too slowly, Google sees this as an inferior experience for the visitor and will give it a lower page ranking.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Slow Or Not?

You may have loads of great content on your site but for some reason you are not getting visitors to your site. That would be your first clue. If you look at your Google Analytics and see a lot of page/post drop offs, slow speed could be part of the problem. There could be other factors causing the problem. Checking site speed is a good place to start.

Site speed is important for laptops, desktops and mobile devices like smart phones. You can test this yourself a few different ways. Most people have smart phones these days so the first thing you want to do is to open your website on your smart phone. Did it take a long time to load, in your opinion? Ask your friends and/or family to try it on their laptops and phones as well. What was their experience? If you want a more definitively answer, try the Google Site Speed Test.

Google Site Speed Test

To use the Google Site Speed Test, simply enter your site URL into the address bar as indicated below.

google site speed test

What is Considered Good Site Speed?

Good site speed is considered to be under 2 seconds. You can also check individual pages by going to Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Just copy/paste the URL into the address bar.

Does My Hosting Company Address the Site Speed Issue?

I’m not sure hosting companies actually address the issue, but all hosting companies will have statistics on average page load times. According to Google, the page load time should be under 2 seconds. Statistics have shown that people abandon a website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

How to Speed Up a Website – 6 Important Considerations

As an administrator of a website, you can take several measures to ensure decent site speed. Using Google Site Speed Test is a great way to check that your site speed is fast enough. When you are looking to figure out how to speed up a website, here’s a few other things to consider:

Plugins: if you have a number of plugins on your website, they can indeed slow your site down. 7-10 plugins should be more than enough. Any more than that may slow it down.

Site speed plugins: you can also install a site speed plugin but if you already have too many, this isn’t really an option.

Updates: Make sure theme and plugins are all up to date.

Images: If the file size of your images are too large, they can slow down the load time of your site. You can consider compressing them with TinyPNG.

Videos: Videos are usually quite large in file size so any videos on your site will also slow it down.

Your hosting company: Last but not least. If you don’t already have information on site speed from your hosting company, check their website or contact them for this information.

A score of 80 or above is considered a good score. The hosting company I use just announced that they have rolled out a new feature called SiteSpeed. This is a new technology designed to speed up web site and page load times. The best part is that it’s FREE! To read more about it, click below.

Learn More About How SiteSpeed Works

It’s very easy to get consumed with the price of your web hosting. For me, I like to find companies with great reputations that will give me as much as possible for free.  

Now that you have a few ideas on how to speed up your website, I hope you’ll take the time to examine the state of your website with these few simple tips. Your hosting company should also be able to provide you with site speed information.

As always, if you’d like to share your thoughts, please be sure to leave a comment below.

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