Is Clickworker A Scam? What You Should Know

Clickworker is a site to make money online doing micro tasks or project work. Is Clickworker a scam? This article will explore all that giving you reasons to check it out as well as reasons you may want to avoid it. And let’s face it. When working for these types of sites online there’s always risk involved. So let’s start with some basic information.

The company has over 800K workers across 136 countries. It is similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk in that you are paid by completing tasks. Clickworker screens their potential Clickworkers a bit better than other sites I’ve reviewed. The requirements are pretty minimal and people from many different countries can avail of this opportunity provided they pass the screening process.

How Clickworker Works

Clickworker connects registered companies with workers called Clickworkers to complete tasks and projects. Companies place orders with Clickworker and Clickworkers can grab the job from a list. Some of the different types of tasks requested are listed below:

  • Product cataloging and categorizing
  • Competitor research
  • Image and video tagging
  • Product data management
  • Complete surveys
  • Translate text
  • Write content

The more skills you have the more tasks you have available to you. Especially if you have more than one language.However, these tasks may be restricted depending on where you live. Your skill level in any given area will be evaluated prior to being accepted for a job. This is done by completing assessments. At the very minimum, you will need to take a basic English language qualification assessment before you can do any work. The assessment will test your reading, grammar and spelling and contains 72 questions. This assessment cannot be retaken.

Clickworker Requirements

There really are only 2 requirements to work at Clickwork. (1) You need to be able to read English and (2) you need to be legally able to work in the area where you live.

You should also fill out your profile details as much as possible. The more skills and information you provide, the better chance you have of qualifying for work.

The English Assessment is required in order to even see a list of jobs.


  • Minimum skills. Basic English is the minimum requirement.
  • Assessments are available to take for free.
  • Each job you complete will be ranked. The higher your ranking the wider access to tasks and projects.
  • You can work when you want provided there are tasks and projects available.


  • Once you submit your work for review, it can take some time before it’s approved by the requester.
  • If your work is rejected, you don’t get paid for that work.
  • Assessments can only be taken once. If you encounter technical issues, you can request to retake an assessment. The request will be evaluated by their Support staff.
  • Some tasks and projects are not available to Clickworkers outside the U.S. making it more difficult to earn money.
  • Your ranking can drop if the evaluator rejects your work or gives you a low ranking.
  • Availability of tasks to complete is intermittent; it’s not a source of consistent income.
  • Your account can be terminated for any reason and you will not be paid.

Getting Paid With Clickworker

Clickworker claims to pay their Clickworkers on average $9.00 per hour. Depending on your skill level you can earn up to $10.00 per hour. While this is below minimum wage in most places, it’s better than a lot of the task-oriented sites I’ve reviewed. There are workers who claim to have made anywhere from $5 to $15 an hour but that’s in the U.S.

Payments are made through Paypal for U.S. residents and through direct deposit to your bank account for European workers. Payments are made every 7 days. Paypal recipients need to have a €5/$5 balance before payments can be issues. SEPA payments (made to your bank account) need a €10/$10 balance before payments are made.

As with any freelance/contractor-type job, online or offline, you are required to manage your own tax situation. Clickworker does not withhold taxes from your account.

Clickworker Complaints

A recent complaint has been that if you earn money too fast your account can be terminated. It seems they don’t want you to earn money too fast. If they suspect you are a spammer, again, your account can be terminated. So you could be cranking away with tasks making some decent cash when BAM—GONE! Once your account is terminated, there’s no going back. They won’t reinstate your account or your funds.

Word of Caution

Before you jump in and sign up for jobs, be sure that you will be able to be paid. This will depend on the country where you reside. Make sure you can be paid in the country you live in.

There’s no company information available on the website. I did, however, find some contact details after an exhaustive search. The company is based in Germany. Here are the details:

Address: D-45149 Essen, Germany
Phone: +49 201 959718-0

You should be careful not to break any of the rules, i.e., having more than one account. That is against their policy and will  ensure you get terminated.

Final Thoughts

As with other online job sites that are task oriented, this site can be a good place to earn an extra income but it won’t replace your day job and probably won’t pay your rent or any other big bills. You can’t rely on it for any long-term consistent income. Your experience with this company, good or bad, may have everything to do with where you reside. Clickworkers in the U.S. seem to be the most satisfied.  Because the tasks and your income will be intermittent, this could be a good site to make extra money to pay off debts; maybe save some money for a cheap vacation. The pay is better than other sites I’ve reviewed like Microworkers.

On the other hand, the fact that they can terminate your account for essentially no reason means that you are taking chances here. Amazon Mechanical Turk is well known and would be a safer option.

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4 thoughts on “Is Clickworker A Scam? What You Should Know”

  1. Hello 😉

    This is very useful information to me as i was looking to invest with Clickworker and i had not done my homework about this company, so to have this site with loads of information about what i am about to get myself into is great.

    You have really done a great job on this site all i need is really in front of me i just have to read and learn and inform others who are on the same page as me.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Otis. Clickworker is a site that I cannot recommend to people because of their sketchy reputation. Usually, if there are a few people that complain, it usually runs much deeper. If you decide to check them put, proceed with caution and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This one probably won’t pay off in the long run. Thank you for stopping by! Alanna

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had never actually heard of Clickworker before, but now I know to be cautious if I ever come across the online.
    I’ll be sure to recommend people to this blog if they ever enquire about Clickworker.
    What other sites do you think are more reputable in this area?

    • Hi Shane. There are a lot of sites like Clickworker that are similar in that they pay you next to nothing for a few clicks. One site I can recommend is Fiverr. But for building an online business, this is my favorite place to make money online. Thanks for stopping by! Alanna


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