Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit?

is clixsense a scam or legit

Here’s a review of another online survey-type site where you get paid to click, among other things. Is Clixsense a scam or legit? Let’s check it out.

Clixsense is a market research company and provides many different ways to make money online through surveys, affiliate programs, completing tasks, videos, testing new products and downloading apps. It was founded in 2007 and has an address listed in Hampstead, North Carolina. I couldn’t find a phone number listed for them anywhere. They at least have an address so seems legit so far.

How Do You Make Money With Clixsense?

You make money with Clixsense by participating in the marketing offers listed on the site as outlined below.

  • Paid surveys: earn money from taking surveys. These surveys are through a third party.
  • Cash Offers: earn cash from watching videos, signing up for websites, trying new products and downloading apps.
  • Crowdflower Tasks: complete simple tasks
  • Referrals: earn money by referring your friends and family. You earn 20% of any money your referrals make.
  • Affiliate program: you are automatically enrolled in their affiliate program.
  • Games: you DO NOT get paid for playing games with Clixsense.
Clixsense Surveys
Clixsense Payment Options


  • Open to people in the U.S. and international
  • You can maintain your referrals if your account is closed and then reopened
  • You can reclaim any unspent ad credits
  • Several different payment options available
  • You can access your account from anywhere however, if you access your account outside the U.S., you will be limited to the usage for that particular country.


  • If your account is closed due to inactivity* any money earned is forfeited
  • If you reopen your account, you will not be credited for any prior balance
  • No phone number listed on the site
  • It can take a lot of time to find a survey to complete
  • PayPal is no longer an option

*Your account is deemed inactive if you have not logged in within the last 90 days.  Your account is considered abandoned and is then closed. Any residual funds in your account are forfeited.

You Will Be Using Third-Party Websites

When you sign up to Clixsense, you are agreeing to use third-party websites in order to make money. Clixsense does not monitor or check any of these websites. The links are provided as a convenience only. This means that you visit these sites at your own riskHello Red Flag! You may be visiting a site that contains malware or a virus that is easily installed on your computer. No thanks!

So What’s The Problem? Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit?

The problem I have with these types of sites is that you are paid peanuts for your time. If you actually timed yourself on how long it takes to take a survey, click on a website, download and test and app, etc., you’d be disappointed in how much you were actually paid.

In fact, if you do sign up with Clixsense, I would strongly encourage you to put that theory to the test by completing these steps:

  • Block out an hour of your time
  • Log into Clixsense
  • Start a timer for 60 minutes
  • Begin to take surveys, complete tasks, etc. on the site**
  • After you finish your hour, check the balance in your account
  • Whatever that amount to is a ballpark hourly wage

**Include the time it takes to actually find and qualify for a survey

Here’s a great video I found on Youtube that helps to explain how it works.


If you want to get referrals to Clixsense, you will need to promote Clixsense to your family and friends as well as promotions in various places. You don’t get paid to promote Clixsense. You only get paid a commission if your referrals join and make money on the site. And if a referral only makes $1.00 a day, how much do you think your cut will be? And don’t forget about the fees on your minimum cash out options!

Who Is Clixsense For?

It’s one of those sites that pays you a few pennies per task or survey or whatever. The time it takes to complete these tasks vary. In my opinion, the money you make here won’t make a huge difference in your lifestyle. So this site would be for people who don’t really care if they make any money or not. They just want to kill a bit of time and if they get paid a few pennies for that, then great. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. What I am saying is that this is not the site to join if you really need to make some extra money.

But I Want To Make Some Decent Money Online!

Everyone thinks it must be so glamorous to sit at home in your sweat pants and a t-shirt clicking away making money online. It doesn’t really work that way. People who work from home work as hard or harder than they do for an employer. Sure, you might make a little money with Clixsense. But you won’t make enough to sustain a decent income. The added worry of visiting sites that have not been vetted by Clixsense would be a deal breaker for me in any case. That’s a deal breaker for me right there. So I can’t recommend this site.

You might be saying to yourself, “geez, she never recommends any sites.” You’d be forgiven for thinking that. I’m pretty picky. Afterall, I’ve been in this game for 10 years now. There are sites I actually do recommend. Here are links to some sites I’ve reviewed that are reputable. I don’t claim that the income you’ll make with any of these sites will sustain you. But they are at least a little more reputable.

My number one recommendation is here. The knowledge I’ve gained since being a part of this site has helped me create my own online income. Not to mention having more flexibility in my life. If you have any thoughts on Clixsense, I’d love to hear them so please leave your comment below.

2 thoughts on “Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for having a look at Clixsense Alanna. As you mentioned above, I think sites like that one are a bit “iffy.”

    I also appreciate the shoutout for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. That’s actually where I earned some of the first money I made on the Internet and I still make a few hundred dollars there every year.

    When I find myself getting sidetracked on my other projects, I’ll hop over there for 20-30 minutes and do a few mundane little tasks for a little extra $. In October of every year I request a payout via Amazon gift card and my Christmas shopping is handled. I’ve come to think of MTurk as my “Christmas Club” of sorts, LOL!

    Do you have any “survey” style sites that you do recommend, or have you found them all to be a bit problematic like Clixsense?

    Thanks again for the review!

    • Hi Tony. So far, all of these survey type sites seem to only pay pennies for clicks and it seems you have to work pretty hard to make any decent money. I’m glad to hear that you have made money with Mechanical Turk! Unfortunately, it’s not available to me over here in Ireland. Otherwise, I’d be working at that too. I love the idea of using it as a Christmas Fund! If I run across any survey sites that actually pay decently, I’ll review it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience! Alanna


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