Is Leapforce Legit?

Company: Leapforce 
Job: Search Engine Evaluator
Pay: Varies depending on what country you reside in.
USA employees can expect $13/hour to start.

As of November 2017, Appen, an Australian company, acquired Leapforce

Before you start reading this review, please be aware that there’s a scam going around whereby people are being asked to buy $50 cards in order to get access to Leapforce. This is a scam. Please do not fall for this.

Leapforce no longer exists. If you type the URL into a browser window, it will either come up blank or you will be redirected to Appen. You can read more about the accquisition by clicking this link.

There are so many companies out there now that are providing work from home jobs but not all of them are legitimate. You really need to be careful when finding something that looks too good to be true. And that’s where I come in. I’ve been scammed plenty over the years and I really don’t want to see you get scammed! So Leapforce is on the table today. Is Leapforce legit?

Leapforce has work from home jobs in many different countries–not just in the U.S. As long as you don’t mind doing research this could be a good gig for you.

Leapforce Requirements

Leapforce is similar to Lionbridge in that you will be required to pass an exam before you are offered a job with them. If you fail the first time you may be eligible for a one-time retake exam. The qualification process takes about 14 days. Other requirements include:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Up to date computer with up to date anti-virus software
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Web research and analytical skills
  • Only one evaluator per household
  • Must also be able to use the latest Android software for mobile phones
  • You should also be able to work well alone; good time management skills


  • No phone work
  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule
  • Decent pay for a work from home job
  • Jobs are available within the U.S. as well as other countries
  • If you are fluent in other languages, you may qualify for higher paying jobs


  • No benefits
  • As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own taxes
  • Payment is made within 30 days via direct deposit after a valid invoice has been received by Leapforce.
  • Work can be tedious
  • Some people have complained of a disconnect between agents and managers they work for.
  • Work is not steady; can be sporatic
  • You are only paid for the time Leapforce budgets the task is worth. If the task takes longer you are not paid for your extra time.
  • Income is not guaranteed

What Do Leapforce Agents Have to Say?

On a personal note, my niece worked for Leapforce to make some extra money to pay bills while she was in college. She had a good experience with them and said they were decent to work for. The work was flexible and she thought she was paid decent money for the type of work she was doing as a Search Engine Evaluator.

In reading through the many reviews, Leapforce has received similar complaints to Lionbridge. A common complaint is not being paid for reading instructions, test preparation and no designated manager to report to. The screenshot below comes courtesy of

Conclusion: Is Leapforce Legit?

While Leapforce does provide legitimate work from home opportunities, it would seem that this type of work can become very draining very quickly especially if you are not paid what you think you are due. Yes, you are working from home but you are not exactly working for yourself. And you are just as dispensible as when working an 8-5 job in an actual building! If you would like to make real money working from home and working for yourself, check out my #1 Recommendation here.

4 thoughts on “Is Leapforce Legit?”

  1. I need to find out if leapforce requires you to purchase a steam card prior to your employment of $50 and send it to the through hangouts to be employed scam or real?

    • Hi Venese. Thanks so much for stopping by and mentioning this! I did some digging for you and found out that Leapforce was acquired by Appen, an Australian company, back in November 2017. (I’ll be updating this post with new information.) There’s a scam going around where people are being asked to pay money to join Leapforce. First of all, Leapforce doesn’t exist anymore. It’s now Appen. If you try to get to the Leapforce site, you are directed to Appen. So if you are being asked to buy a $50 card, this is a scam! If you want me to check this out for you further, please send me the link at: or post it here so others don’t fall for this. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and I hope that you have not already been scammed! All the best, Alanna

  2. I was interviewed and hired today to work for leapforce. The interviewer wanted a picture of my driver’s license and also my social security card front and back for both. I did it but then at the end they told me I would be getting a check in the mail to purchase everything I need. a laptop. printer. scanner. Copier, etc. That is what threw me. So now I’m regretting giving them my info. Are they legit or not? I’m waiting for them to tell me the money I have left to send back to them so I guess we’ll see. I certainly won’t cash the check into my bank account if I cash it at all. I hope you can let me know something. thanks!

    • Mona, I’m sorry to tell you this but this sounds like a scam to me . Please ensure that you were actually dealing with Leapforce which is now Appen! The only time I’ve ever heard of someone being asked for all that you’ve provided is by scammers. How were you interviewed? Live video call? In person? There was a scam going around a few years ago whereby the “company” would pay you to buy a printer, scanner, etc. in order to do their work but they were not legit. I was personally asked through an Upwork employer to do this a few years ago. I didn’t do it.

      You are working as an outside contractor so there should be no need for you to provide a copy of your driver’s license and SSN. Outside contractors are responsible for their own taxes so again, they shouldn’t need this information.

      Here’s a link to their requirements page. There is no indication that they will pay for your equipment. Here’s a link to their contact page.

      You have provided them with enough information for them to possibly use your identity. I would check into this immediately. I hope I’m wrong. Please take every precaution to ensure that they are legit by using the links above. If they are not legit, I would contact the authorities immediately. Please let me know here so we can alert others.


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