Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks Review

Name: Swagbucks
Price: Free to join
Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Prodege Digital Services
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an income generating site that allows you to earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks” that can be used to purchase merchandise such as Amazon gift cards, Visa, Target, even Paypal. You can also opt to donate your Swagbucks to charity. Each Swagbuck is worth approximately $0.01.

Swagbucks was launched in February 2008 so it’s been around for awhile. The site is the 186th most visited site in the United States and operates in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. It has paid out over $89 million in retail gift cards and has over 12 million members.

Who is Swagbucks for?

Swagbucks is really for anyone who has access to a computer. And you don’t really need any special skills to use the site. An Internet connection, a good grasp of the English language and keyboard skills is all you really need. A lot of the surveys will target specific groups of people based on age, gender, location, etc. But there’s more to Swagbucks than surveys.

How do you earn money with Swagbucks?

  • Internet searching: use the Swagbucks search link to do your internet searching
  • Taking surveys
  • Daily Poll
  • Shopping: By shopping at popular stores such as Walmart and Kohl’s online
  • Play games: games are both free and paid
  • Watch videos
  • Refer a friend

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

The good thing about Swagbucks is that you don’t need any special skills. Anyone who uses the Internet can earn swagbucks by doing a few simple things like taking surveys or using the Swagbucks search for your Internet searches. They have a daily poll each day so you can earn at least one Swagbuck a day.

Another benefit is that you can use Swagbucks on your smartphone. It is mobile ready for both Android and iPhone. It’s a stripped down version so it has fewer features. But if you find yourself with extra time on your hands at the doctor’s office or whatever, you can earn a few swagbucks while you wait. Not a bad use of spare time.

The Bad:

The bad news here is that if you live outside the United States, some surveys are not available to you. Also, surveys take time and I’m just not sure that taking a 20-minute survey is worth a few Swagbucks. That’s not to say that all surveys take 20 minutes. However, before you begin taking surveys, you have to be prequalified first.

The other problem is that you don’t get cash. Cash is king! Ok, gift cards such as Amazon gift cards are good but I’d prefer to be paid in cash. This tells me that companies such as Amazon have a stake in your earning because they will get the benefit of all Amazon gift cards that your hard earned Swagbucks are exchanged for.

You won’t make a fortune with Swagbucks. But if you use it daily and can manage to earn 100 Swagbucks a day, that’s around $1.00 and eventually that will accumulate to $50–the minimum cash out point.

What about training?

You don’t need any specialized training to use the site.

Swagbucks Support

Swagbucks support is offered via email by filling out a contact form with your description of the problem. There’s also a FAQ page to help you find the answer to your problem before contacting the support team.

Swagbucks Price

Swagbucks is free to use, however, you have to pay a small fee to play some of the games.

Is Swagbucks Legit? My Final Opinion of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a legitimate site where you can earn reward points and cash them in for gift cards, etc. I think it would take a lot of time to generate enough Swagbucks to make it worth while. I would also prefer to be paid in cash via Paypal. There is a Paypal option but it’s quite high. You have to have 5,000 Swagbucks to get $50 via Paypal. Not to mention that Paypal will take a small fee when it hits your account. If you couple Swagbucks with a few other online income generators you may earn some decent money. A lot of people enjoy the idea of getting Amazon gift cards because they use them to do their Christmas shopping. I’ve tried Swagbucks as an income generator and for me personally, I’d have to give it a pass.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found this information helpful. I’d love to hear any success stories out there. So if you’ve done well using Swagbucks as an income generator, please share in the comments below.

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