Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 12 years and I’ve been a member for a number of years myself. Is Wealthy Affiliate still worth it? There have been many changes over the years. It’s not the same membership site it used to be. This article will address what I like about WA, where I went wrong and what my pet peeves are about the program.



I went through the training, set up my website, wrote some articles, promoted some products, and waited for the magic to happen. I expected to log into my Amazon account and see sales. I did see sales! And that was exciting! I thought, hey, I’m really onto something here! Then I sat back and waited for the money to roll in. It didn’t. I stopped writing articles. I stopped promoting products and watched my stats tank. Then the sales stopped coming in. Why? Because I became complacent. When you start to getting sales, that’s the time to crank up the heat! You are onto a good thing! You’re getting traffic! People are clicking on your links and making purchases! That’s fantastic! But it proved to me that the Wealthy Affiliate system works!

How I Succeeded With Wealthy Affiliate

The reason I succeeded with Wealthy Affiliate is that I applied everything I learned. I asked questions when I was stuck or didn’t understand something. And most importantly, I started consistently writing content for my sites. You will hear it said many times–not only within the WA community but in online marketing in general–you have to write content consistently. Choose the days you will post and stick to that schedule. Whether it’s Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays–whatever. Google wants to know that you are serious and is looking for consistent content.

Why People Fail With Online Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate

There are many reasons why people fail with online marketing and with Wealthy Affiliate. But what’s important is that you learn from your mistakes, right? Once I started taking my business seriously, things started turning around for me and continue to do so. Here’s what tends to happen:

  • New members don’t complete the training
  • Take shortcuts and skip steps
  • High expectations–members think the program is a “get rich quick” scheme and get frustrated when they don’t see immediate results.
  • Not bothering with the training at all.
  • Become obsessed with making money fast. And if they don’t see results right away, they think the program is a scam.
  • Chart their own course while in training thinking they have a better way.
  • Distracted with “shiny object syndrome” (buying other products before giving the training a chance)

When joining WA, the most important thing to do is to follow the training. You will have to work at it but it will be fun! And everyone at WA are willing to help you along the way including myself. We are not all sitting on beaches sipping pina coladas. Ok. Maybe that’s just me! 😀 But seriously, doing this work in my opinion is a blast!


The Evolution of WA – Out With the Old and In With Fantastic!

My Pet Peeves About WA – Then and Now

I wanted to give a contrast as to how WA has changed over the years. It started out as a site that provided keyword lists to people and later created a forum for it’s members and has been expanding and growing ever since. If you would like to read a more in depth history, here’s a fantastic history summary about WA. So listed below are problem areas that I have found from way back then. These problems have not only been fixed but the platform has been greatly enhanced with many new awesome features.

PROBLEM – Forum Issues: When I first found WA back in 2007, I found the whole forum platform very confusing and cumbersome. I’m sure my confusion was also because I didn’t understand the technical jargon back then.  So when I read answers to questions posted by other members, I was pretty confused. Forums can be difficult sometimes. But back then, WA was putting out keyword lists and the forum was there to answer questions people had about their websites, keywords and search engine optimization. The other problem was that if you posted a question to the forum, you may not get an answer for a day or more.

THEN – confusing forum; delayed responses
NOW – Live Chat: Live Chat is available 24/7 and there is always someone online to answer questions including myself.

PROBLEM – Pretty Pricey:  The cost at that time was $97 a month! Back then, I couldn’t afford to stay on the program for very long. I had to cancel my membership after 6 months because I could no longer afford to pay the membership fee.

THEN – $97 per month
NOW – free starter account; $19 for your first month

PROBLEM – Access to Jaaxy: Prior to September 2017, you had to buy a separate subscription to Jaaxy that was outside your WA membership. You were given a taste of Jaaxy with 30 free searches using this awesome tool. After your 30 searches were up, you used the WA keyword tool to find keywords or perhaps the Google Keyword Tool.

THEN – $49 per month; separate membership
NOW – integrated into the WA platform; free use of the tool even with a starter membership; upgrades also available

Awesome Community!

You are not just getting a membership and access to a training program. You get the whole community too. That’s gold. I’ve made some pretty cool friends there over the years and it’s been exciting to see everyone’s progression. We congratulate each other when things go well and pick each other up when things aren’t going well. You get to know people over time and you become part of a very engaging community.

How Wealthy Affiliate Stacks Up

Below is a comparison table that outlines the benefits of your Wealthy Affiliate membership vs. signing up with a regular hosting company to start your online business. This is exactly what I did. I signed up with GoDaddy and started building websites and had them hosted there. I paid for all the extras myself even though I was a WA member. Yeah. That probably sounds crazy. It took me a few years to figure it out. I wanted you to see what you get with GoDaddy vs. what you get with Wealthy Affiliate.

Your WA Starter Membership also gives you two free websites on the SiteRubix platform. You can see from the chart above what you would be paying with GoDaddy to host one site for the first and second year. That’s with no training and no extras. Maybe you don’t need to learn HOW to build a website or learn how to SEO your site. You would still be saving almost €300 the first year with a Wealthy Affiliate membership. If you were willing to spend that kind of money, you would get more value from a WA membership.

What I Love About WA and Why I Stay

The skills I learned here actually helped me land a real job which shocked the hell out of me. But that has proved to me that the skills you learn at WA will help you in many different businesses including online marketing, website creation, content creation, social media marketing and more.

Value for money: There have been so many new features added over the last few years that becoming a Premium member was a no brainer for me. The three best things I ever did was:

  • Bought a yearly subscription during the Black Friday Event Sale.
  • Moved my sites over to WA to take advantage of their free hosting and free SSLs and daily backups (saved a ton of money in hosting fees and SSL fees)
  • Joined Jaaxy. (To learn more about finding keywords and Jaaxy click here.)

Site Support: Available 24/7 no matter what.

Daily Backups: I don’t have to have a separate backup plugin or worry about my site backups. WA complete this task every day. I don’t have to store backups or schedule them. If I run into any problems, all I have to do is contact Site Support.

Weekly Live Training: (with your premium membership) with Jay Neill aka Magistudios. (Here’s a link to an article he wrote about the steps he took to rank an article in 21 minutes.) In my time zone, the Weekly Live Training starts at 1am. I try to sit in as much as I can so if I have questions, I’ll have an opportunity to ask them during the live video. If not, I watch the replay that is posted the next day.

Bonuses Each Year: It started December 2016. That was the first time that the owner, Kyle, did a live video. He’s making these a yearly event now and they are well worth watching. In December 2017, he did another live video entitled, Affiliate Marketing in 2018. What You Need To Know where he shares his insights into affiliate marketing in 2018.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Still Worth It?

In a word–yes. WA has helped me become my own boss. Right now I earn a living as an online marketer and a Virtual Assistant. The skills I learned here helped me set up my virtual assistant business. I even landed a temporary web administrator job based on the skills I learned here. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know a thing about creating websites but I had a strong desire to learn. I did the free training course and didn’t have to learn PHP and coding. I absorbed as much information as possible from Live Chat, weekly live videos, and completing the more advanced training courses. Many people who are successful at WA have other businesses as well. A lot of people are building local websites and have clients. Then there are those who simply prefer to promote products and earn their money that way. It proves that the skills you learn here will carry you far. I guess the only question you have to ask yourself is, are you ready?