Offervault Review: Is It Too Much Work?

Bloggers are always looking for ways to make money with their websites. Some programs are easier than others both to join and/or promote offers. You’ve probably come across a few Offervault reviews and yet you still may be scratching your head. Offervault looks like a great place to get started in affiliate marketing but what’s the catch? In this Offervault review, we’ll take a look at how difficult it may be for affiliates to make a buck here. You’ll probably be disappointed by what we found so read on!

Offerview Review

What is Offervault? is basically an offer search engine where advertisers list their offers for affiliates to promote. Offervault was founded in 2007 by Mark Roth and their main office in in New Jersey. They have over 65,000 active publishers and hundreds of advertisers and categories to choose from.

How Does Offervault Work?

You can sign up to Offervault as an advertiser or as an affiliate. As an affiliate, Offervault helps you find affiliate programs to join much like Clickbank. Publishers are paid through CPA (cost per action). Compensation is not only monetary, but also through products and services.

Advertisers can also sign up with Offervault. Each advertising offer displays the name of the offer, payout, type of promotion, category, network and when the promotion was last updated. For the purpose of this review, we are going to focus on how you can make money with Offervault as an affiliate.

What We Like About Offervault

Here’s a few features you’ll find when joining Offervault:

  • Free to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Advertiser commissions easily displayed
  • Many different ways to customize offers you promote
  • Free training videos
  • You don’t need a website

Most of these features are pretty standard. Even though it’s not required, you’ll make more money if you have a website provided you have decent traffic as well.

How Do You Make Money With Offervault?

Keep in mind Offervault is not an actual affiliate network. So they do not manage payments between affiliates and advertisers.

Publishers are paid based on the advertiser’s offers they promote and the rates they provide. Each offer will have different compensation and your payments will be issued by the individual advertisers you join.

When Do Offervault Affiliates Receive Payments?

This is also determined by each individual advertiser. You will need to check the terms and conditions of each advertiser you sign up with to find out how and when you will be paid and what form payments are made–products, services, or currency.

How To Get Started With Offervault

You don’t need any specific requirements to join Offervault other than to be 18 years or older. Once you create an account you will be able to choose any number of advertisers to work with. You will have separate requirements to meet with each advertiser in Offervault’s advertiser pool.

How To Login To Offervault

To log into Offervault, click the Login icon on the home page here.

Offervault Support

If you have any issues with Offervault, you can contact them by submitting a form using this link. Their mailing address is: Denmar Management, LLC, 110 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 302, Montvale, NJ 07645.

Offervault Complaints

Now you know how Offervault works and some of the features. Let’s check out a few things that may make it difficult for you.

Long Research and Sign Up Process

Finding offers to promote will be a long and laborious process. You have to dig through offers to see which ones your audience may appreciate. Then, you have to read the terms and conditions, figure out if the advertiser has a payment option that suits you, sign up to each affiliate program individually and wait for approval. Depending on the advertiser you may be approved right away or you may have to wait for approval.

Social Media Marketing Can Be A Challenge

Promoting offers through social media will require that you have a lot of great traffic. There’s a saying in affiliate marketing: “don’t build your business on someone else’s real estate.” What this means is that you don’t own your content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You have no control over how that content is handled. You can, however, own your own website.

No Referral Program

You can send invitations to people through Offervault by typing in an email address and hitting the Invite button. But there’s no additional compensation for this.

No BBB Rating

Offervault is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. If you are someone who relies on BBB ratings to decide if companies are legit or not, this could leave you a little skeptical.

On the surface, Offervault looks like it has a lot to offer but the amount of digging you have to do to find those golden nuggets could leave you feeling pretty frustrated whether you have a website or not. You will need plenty of traffic to make it all worthwhile too. If traffic is an issue for your website or social media accounts, here’s where you can learn how to increase traffic to your website.

Should You Join Offervault?

Offervault is certainly legitimate and it may be a great place for you to get started with affiliate marketing especially if you don’t have a website. But without a website, your earning potential is limited. Here’s where you can learn how to build a website and a great online business for yourself.


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