OpinionWorld Review: Make Money Taking Surveys?

Completing surveys in your spare time can be a rewarding experience depending on the survey site and the reward/payout system. OpinionWorld is one such site and it’s possible you’ve already seen a few OpinionWorld reviews. For people who just want to make a little money to save for a vacation or something, survey sites can help you do that. In this OpinionWorld review, we’ll take a look at how it works and if it’s worth your time. You’ll be surprised by what I found in the fine print!

What is OpinionWorld Surveys?

Opinionworld Review

OpinionWorld currently operates under the Dynata name and is a survey site. Originally, it was founded in Dallas, TX by Hal Brierley and Mort Meyerson. The company was then called E-Rewards, Inc. It’s been through a few reorganizations and buyouts since then and eventually merged with SSI–Survey Sampling International. In January 2019, SSI was renamed Dynata. The company is located in Shelton, CT.

How Does OpinionWorld Work?

OpinionWorld.com is a survey site that allows you to earn points and rewards for completing surveys. Providing as much information you can on your profile gives you a wider range of surveys to choose from. You can cash in your points for cash or reward cards.

What You Need To Get Started With OpinionWorld

There are very few requirements to join OpinionWorld. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Only one account per person
  • Must have an email address
  • Must reside in a country that offers OpinionWorld

That’s it. It’s pretty easy to sign up with them.

OpinionWorld Benefits

Here are a few OpinionWorld features:

  • Free to join
  • Available in many countries
  • Rewards: OpinionWorld offers reward in the form of Amazon gift cards, cash, and WebShop
  • Prize Draw: you can sometimes be entered into a prize draw automatically after completing a survey.
  • Surveys only take 15-20 minutes at the most

On a personal note, I signed up with OpinionWorld to see if I would be offered surveys, how long it would take to complete one, how many points I would receive and if I could take enough surveys to qualify for a payout. I’ve done a few surveys so far but haven’t qualified for a payout yet.

OpinionWorld Support

If you need to contact support you can email them at helpdesk@opinionworld.com. Their corporate office is located at 6 Research Drive, #200, Shelton, CT 06484.

How Much Money Can You Make with OpinionWorld ?

It’s difficult to say how much you can make with OpinionWorld. Each time you complete a survey you will be paid in points. When you reach a certain point limit, you can redeem points for cash, restaurants, retailers, or Amazon gift cards. For instance, in order to get a £5.00 Amazon gift card, you will need 585 points. To redeem WebShop vouches, you will need at least 300 points.

When Do OpinionWorld Members Get Paid?

You should receive your e-voucher for the WebShop within 48 hours by email. Actual physical cards can take up to 10 business days. Amazon gift cards are sent via email. For U.S. and Canadian residents, you can cash out through Paypal once you’ve met the minimum threshold of $50. You can cashout through PayPal.

OpinionWorld Complaints

Now you know what OpinionWorld is and how it works. Let’s take a look at a few things you should know before you sign up:

They Can Dump You

According to my research, there have been numerous complaints about OpinionWorld closing accounts as soon as a member tries to get their money out. No explanation for closing the accounts either. Not a great vote of confidence.

In fact, they can terminate you for any reason without notice in which case you forfeit all earnings and rewards.

Limited Payout Option

Should you be lucky enough to accumulate $300 or more in any given day, the daily redemption cap is set at $300.

Account Suspension

For U.S. residents, if you have been paid $600 during a calendar year, you must have a completed and verified W-9 tax form on file. If not, your account will be suspended until that form is on record.

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Dynata can change the minimum points or minimum redemption threshold at any time without notice. So if you originally think you can cash out at $50, you may find out that the threshold has increased.

These complaints are probably pretty standard as survey sites go. But you are never going to make a fortune on survey sites no matter how many you join.

Is OpinionWorld A Reputable Company?

As long as you adhere to the rules, you can make a few bucks here. If you want to spend your free time on survey sites, you should join more than one such as Swagbucks. In fact, you should join several. If you are only looking to make a little extra money, survey sites can help you. You can also check out my #1 recommendation on how to create your own business.

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