Protypers Review

Company information: None

Location: Kondpur, Hyderabadprotypers review
Hyderabad, IN-AP, India

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Rating: 4/10

Protypers Review

According to the company information I found, Protypers claim to be a conglomerate of data entry specialists that convert documents for image recognition and also provide services for the visually impaired.

I found no information on who started this company or when it was started. The website has no terms and conditions, no company information, no disclaimer and no contact information listed anywhere that I could find. When I see this, or rather when I don’t see any of this basic information, alarm bells start going off in my head.

What is Protyper?

Protyper is an online data entry website where you earn money by typing in Captchas. Because I could not find any company information about this site, that worries me. Also, the homepage is exactly like so I’m think they are the same company.

How Does Protypers Work?

According to the homepage, you can earn $200 U.S. dollars a month. You get paid by typing capchas. You have to solve each captcha within 9 seconds. You then earn Typerpoints and Typercredits. A Typercredit can be worth $1.00 and is dependent upon how many captchas you solve and the rate of pay for that particular hour. If my rate is $0.50 per Typercredit per 1,000 captchas then I will earn $0.50 if all my captchas were correct. The rates change every hour as indicated in the screenshot below. Some hours are more profitable than others.

UPDATE October 1, 2015: I am adding these screenshots so there’s no question, to avoid any question about my math skills. 😉

protypers review

This is what I have earned so far. Now, I haven’t spent a lot of time solving captchas at Protypers. I can safely say that I put in at least three hours and I was logged in during one of the peak hours. As you can see, I haven’t quite made a Typercredit yet. My balance is $0.88.

protypers review

Who is Protypers For?

Anyone with keyboard skills. However, being a fast and accurate typist is key. This site is also open to international users so anyone can sign up with them.


  • Easy to join
  • No special skills necessary aside from being able to use a keyboard
  • You get paid after earning $3.00
  • They have special contests you can participate in to earn more money
  • Open to users living outside the U.S.


  • No company information
  • You need to be accurate. Mistakes on Captchas will cost you–literally.
  • You only get paid for the CORRECT Captchas you submit–not the incorrect ones.
  • You won’t earn much money here.
  • If you participate in a contest, the prize is shared between all the contest participants making your “prize” basically worth no more than the few pennies.
  • You only earn referral money if your referrals actually make money

Protypers Contests

The prizes are based on the number of correct Captchas solved by all participants during the contest. The more participants in a contest, the less prize money you’ll receive.

Can I earn more money if I promote Protypers as an affiliate?

Probably not. As an affiliate you can earn 10% commission by inviting people to work for ProTypers. The commission is based on the earnings of the referrals.If your referrals don’t make any money, neither do you!

You have to have a minimum of five referrals who have been
paid before you make a commission

Additional Information

Captchas can sometimes come in bursts. When I was testing the system, during high paying time slots, the captchas were slow to appear on screen. I am sure this is due to the high volume of typers online during the peak paying period.

Buy A Boostpack!

You’ve heard that old expression that you have to spend money to make money? Well, if you want to increase the speed that captchas appear on screen to solve, you can buy a Boostpack! The price of a Boostpack varies depending on availability and time of day.

Payment methods:

Paypal, WebMoney, Western Union, Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money

How about Smart-Captchas?

You can make more money by enabling Smart-Captchas in your profile.  This means that the images will require a logical answer–usually the answer to a question.  If you can solve Smart-CAPTCHAS, you have a higher earning potential.

If you really want to test the system, I advise timing yourself for a short period of time using a timer or stop watch to see if you can justify putting in your time with this site. Also make note of the time of day you do your testing.


Legitimate maybe. Big fat MAYBE–not a decent earner by any means. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this site as a way to make money online.You’d have to work like a dog at this one and hope you get paid. And according to my research, their payment record is pretty spotty. Why slave away making pennies when you can actually build a business for yourself?

If you want to figure out if a program is a good deal or not, try this: take the amount of money you generate in an hour and multiply that by 40 hours a week (a normal working week). Now, is that amount of money enough for you to meet your financial goals? Is it enough to buy groceries, pay a bill or pay down a debt? If not, then it’s a waste of your time.

Let’s give Protypers a little lee-way here. Say I made $1.00 an hour. That’s only $40 a week. That is not a good earner under my current circumstances. Even if you made $200 a month as they promise, that’s only $50 a week. We all need a certain threshold of income to make ends meet. If you are spending all your time making pennies, you will never have time to work on other online opportunities that could pay you more. Why make pennies when you can make dollars? That’s all I’m saying. Just something to think about. I mean, the U.S. average minimum wage is between $7.25 and $10.50 depending on what state you are in. Can you honestly accept pennies for your time?

Have you tried Protypers? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was.

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6 thoughts on “Protypers Review”

  1. Not sure when this article was written, but base on today (24June2015) information on the site your math is way off. You can earn, depending on the time of the day, anywhere between .60 cents to .90 cents per 1000 captchas solved, plus while solving each captcha you will earn something around half a cent. With a boost pack cost vary depending on how much time is left within the working block hour, so it’s price changes, and the boost pack cost usually around .022 to .08 and give you 800 captchas to solve within a 1hr block. So, making $3 will happen sooner than later if you play your cards right.

    • Hi Ryan. My review is based on my own personal experience and information I was able to find on the website regarding how much they pay for captchas. I think you’d have to work very hard to make .90 per hour with Protypers assuming you can type 1000 ACCURATE captchas in an hour. That would be best case scenario in my opinion. I completed captchas during their high paying time slots and found that the more captchas I completed the slower they appeared on screen. My accuracy rate is 96.4% so I’m also presuming that I was paid for most of my captchas. Using a stop watch, I onl