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Owners: Kyle and Carson

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This is a review of Wealthy Affiliate University, also known as WA.  I’ve been a member of WA since 2012. Everything I know about building websites, SEO, social media marketing, niche research, keyword research and more, I have learned through Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much here that I’ve been able to create my own online business that is slowly but steadily growing.


Wealthy Affiliate Helped Me Get A Job

I don’t consider myself a creative person. I’m no graphic designer! But I loved the idea of being able to put a website together–much like a puzzle. Once I joined WA, I started learning everything I always wanted to learn for free. I learned how to build websites, what plugins to use, how to create content, how to build pages and posts, etc. I learned so much here that it gave me the confidence to use my skills to apply for actual web administrator jobs! And I got one! And I still do contract work for that company today! The skills you learn here are transferable!

The skills you learn here are transferable

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training site dedicated to helping people make money online. The site includes many different training programs you have access to when you sign up. It teaches everything from helping you come up with ideas for a website (niche), creating your website and using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The training programs allow you to learn at your own pace in order to absorb the material and work on tasks that are assigned after each section. 


Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

  • People who are interested in building a long-term online income
  • People interested in making money using the Internet
  • People who have tried other products and have been disappointed
  • People who are new to Internet marketing and have a burning desire to learn
  • People who like to learn at their own pace
  • People who have been scammed before (like me!)
  • Essentially anyone — novice to expert


How Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

The amount of money you can make will vary depending on the type of business you set up. Training courses are designed to guide you step by step to creating long-term online income. The graphic below shows you the basic 4-step process.  The first course is the beginner course and is very comprehensive. The training helps you build a website, develop content and generate income. The focus of your site will be what you want it to be. That is the beauty of choosing your own niche. having your own website. You decide!

What do you get when you sign up?

  • Free membership account
  • 2 free websites that are hosted on Wealthy Affiliate
  • 2 free training courses
  • 30 free searches using the WA proprietary KW tool–Jaaxy
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Access to the new free Affiliate Program Search Tool
  • 24/7 access to the site as well as the online chat area
  • Free support from everyone in the WA online community

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

The reason I signed up was that it was free. Nothing to lose. I could test it all out with a starter membership and if I didn’t think it was worth the trouble, I lost nothing but a little time. No committing to a membership; no request for credit card details. It’s the best reason I know of to check it out. Even if you decide that you can’t commit to a membership, you can still keep your starter membership and use a lot of the features to build your business. (See the image above for starter membership features.)


Best Keyword Research Tool

As a free member of WA, you will get to use the best keyword research tool on the market called Jaaxy. Jaaxy was developed by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  Jaaxy is not only an amazing keyword tool, it also can give you ranking information and information on other competing sites. You can generate hundreds of keywords! Test it out by entering in a keyword below.

How To Set Up a Website With WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate has made it incredibly easy to get started. As soon as you get started in the training, you will be setting up your website using WordPress. WordPress is the easiest way to get started with your website and get started fast. It’s a quick and easy download and Kyle provides all the instructions in his training. There are training videos as well to follow along step by step. You really can’t go wrong.

Learn To Be An Affiliate With Wealthy Affiliate

My review of Wealthy Affiliate University really started several years ago when I started exploring the idea of making money from home. I was tired of my job. I really wanted out. I wanted to LOVE what I did for a living. Afterall, you are spending at least eight hours a day working. Why not do something you love, right? I knew I’d be happier if I could create my own income. So the question became: “how can I make good money doing something I love and help other people at the same time?”

I’ve witnessed this community get better and better as the years have gone by. Each year, Kyle and Carson make it an even better site and a better community by constantly adding new features. One of the newer features was a special review section where members could request people to review their pages, posts, and entire websites. You can get instant feedback on how your site looks, if all the links work, and how the content reads to the average reader. Like I said, we are all there to help each other.

The members of Wealthy Affiliate bring with them a wealth of experience from broad backgrounds and they are willing to share their knowledge with the community. We are all there with the ultimate goal of building our online businesses and helping other members do the same.

  • There is a Live chat area that is available 24/7. So no matter where you are in the world, there will be someone online to help you.
  • The training content is updated regularly to reflect the changes in online marketing.
  • It’s completely global. Anyone can join from most anywhere in the world.

Affiliate marketing is constantly evolving. What worked last year or even six months ago, may not work for you right now. Wealthy Affiliate is updated frequently to ensure that we have the most up to date tools available to use in our business.

Here’s a video I created that will give you a peak inside the free Getting Started Course. Just click the image below to check it out.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate, by far, is that you can sign up for free. Take yourself through the beginner course. You can even get started for $19.00 for your first month. If that’s not doable, you can stay on as a free member and still benefit from the live chat, beginner course, and more. You also will still get one-on-one coaching for the first seven days. I don’t know of any program that does all that.

One of the most important things I look for when choosing an online income generator is longevity. In the case of WA, they have longevity on their side. They’ve been in business since 2002. They are also “computer geeks.” The owners, Kyle and Carson, met in college and have worked hard to first realize their own dream and then to share their wisdom with the rest of us.

The site has evolved over the years to keep in line with new technological developments in online marketing. I’ve seen it for myself. I’ve been a member for several years and have witnessed the many changes.

The owners are very hands on. You’ll often find Kyle and Carson hanging out in chat helping members and also responding to questions via email. They have done an incredible job of creating a learning site that is like no other I’ve seen.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

When you are new to online marketing, you need a place where you can ask questions and get answers. Online marketers are a different breed. We all work from home and spend a lot of time by ourselves so having support at hand is crucial. Between posting questions and using the live 24-hour support, you will never feel like you are all alone and you never feel like you are asking a stupid question. I still have questions but before I post a question, I’ll do a quick search within the WA search bar to see if my question has been answered before. Most of the time, it has!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners –  My Favorite Thing About Wealthy Affiliate

This program, by far, is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners. The beauty of the program lies in the fact that YOU decide how you want to make money online. The model takes you step-by-step to gives you the tools to help you realize your dream. You take your passions and hobbies, create a website for them, and turn them into online income streams.


If you are still wondering whether this is right for you, why not take action right now and click the link below and try it out for free?  What do you have to lose? If you have questions, please let me know by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you! See you on the inside!

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  1. Crystal

    You hit everything right on the nail! You were very thorough and it’s easy to understand. Good job on the facts and stating the obvious! You have really put your time and efforts into the site and it shows! Good luck and best wishes!

    • Alanna

      Thank you, Crystal! Alanna


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