The JVZoo Affiliate Program – Is It the Leader of the Pack?

JV Zoo Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an alternative to Clickbank, the JVZoo affiliate program might be just what you are looking for. I recently signed up with JVZoo because I know of a lot of people that are promoting through them and making money. JVZoo has a large marketplace with plenty of products to choose from. With such a large selection, chances are your niche is represented here.

JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo affiliate program is a marketplace that operates out of Florida. Vendors can sign up with JVZoo and have their products promoted by registered affiliates.

How does JVZoo Work?

You, as an affiliate marketer, can sign up with JVZoo for free and create an account. Once your account is setup, you can then begin choosing which products you would like to promote.

Once you choose a product you want to promote you have to apply to the vendor for approval. Once you are approved, you can then open the product links and select the link of your choosing to add to your site.

JVZoo Products

There are literally thousands of products to choose from in the JVZoo Product Library. There are a number of categories to choose from as indicated in the screenshot below.

JV Zoo Marketplace

Benefits of Using JVZoo

JVZoo Ad Manager Plugin

JVZoo now has a WordPress plugin called JV Zoo Ad Manager Plugin for WordPress.  When you download the plugin it is specifically precoded with your affiliate product information. Once you activate the plugin, you can set it to display your affiliate product information in different areas of your site such as the header, footer, sidebar, and above and below a post. The plugin is also branded with your JV Zoo affiliate ID so that if someone joins JV Zoo through your link, you will receive credit for it.

Once you create an account with JV Zoo, you can find information on the JV Zoo Ad Manager Plugin by scrolling to the bottom of your account page.

Let’s Talk About Cookies

Cookies!! Everybody loves a good cookie, right? Ok, all kidding aside, I’m not actually talking about the food. I’m talking about the little cookie that is left behind when you visit a site. In terms of promoting affiliate products, when a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and is redirected to the link site, a little cookie is tagged with your affiliate ID.

Lifespan of a Cookie

The lifespan of a cookie is dependent on the company with the affiliate program. For instance, Amazon’s cookie is only 24 hours. So if you are promoting Amazon products and visitors follow your links to their site, you will only get commissions on any sales with that cookie within a 24-hour period. However, Amazon’s cookie is good for ALL PRODUCTS–not just the link the visitor clicked on.

JVZoo vs. Clickbank Cookies

There’s a big difference is how affiliate sales are processed between the two. With Clickbank, your affiliate ID is only good for the hoplink to one vendor product yet the cookie is good for 60 days. With JVZoo, your affiliate link is attached to all the products sold in that particular vendor’s account that you are registered with. So if someone buys something through your link from a JVZoo product and then goes back again and buys a different product you will get credit for the sale. But with Clickbank, your affiliate sale is only good for the one hoplink product. So if someone goes back to that vendor within the 60 days and makes another purchase through your Clickbank hoplink, you will not get credit for the sale. Vendors within JVZoo have a lifetime cookie for any purchases made through your affiliate links.

How Do I Get Paid From JVZoo?

JVZoo affiliates get paid by the vendor directly into a PayPal account so be sure your country can accept PayPal payments. There are two types of commissions: instant and delayed commissions. Instant commissions are paid directly into your PayPal account. Delayed commissions is determined by the vendor and a particular product. Delayed commissions means that the vendor will allow for any product refunds to be processed before issuing commissions. Each vendor sets their own commission rate so be sure to take that into account when deciding on products to promote.

JVZoo Support

Support is provided for affiliates, customers and sellers. JVZoo Affiliate Program has a few different ways to get support. Through their support link, you will find a knowledge base which allows you to perform a search by selecting a category and adding a few keywords. If your problem is not listed in the knowledge base, you can create a support ticket at the bottom of the screen. JVZoo facilitates relationships between vendors and affiliates so if there’s a problem with getting paid from a vendor, you have to contact the vendor–not JVZoo.

JVZoo Support

Is JVZoo a Scam?

As part of the affiliate marketing community, I have heard about a lot of people making good money with JVZoo. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary and I’m sure that if there were any complaints about them, I would have run across them in my research for this article. So with that in mind, I am giving JVZoo my NO SCAM rating.

So if you are promoting ebooks, tutorials, software and other digital products, JVZoo is a great way to make sales through your affiliate marketing business. If you’ve had any experience with JVZoo or know someone who is, please leave a comment below.

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