Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal is almost here! Black Friday is famous for excellent deals both online and offline. In the run up to Christmas many retailers will be competing for your business and dangling those Black Friday deals in front of you. There’s not doubt that you can score some serious deals during any Black Friday event. That now includes your online marketing career.

For anyone who has wanted to learn from the best when it comes to online marketing, this deal is too good to pass up. It’s how I got started and you can too. This deal is only available for a few days so get in while you can!

Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

I won’t lie to you. I went through a desperate period in my life starting around 2008. I really wanted to make my own money. I didn’t want to rely on employers anymore. I wanted the freedom to do my own thing. During my exploration phase, I got stung a lot. Tons of shiny objects out there and I bought a bunch of them. Each guaranteeing me that I couldn’t lose. Well, I did lose. I lost a lot! I did data entry, surveys, phone calls, etc. And they all gladly took my money. The money I made in return was pennies compared to what I paid out.

Then I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate and started building websites. I loved it. I was hooked! I convinced my manager that we should offer websites as a service in our company and I would build them. And so that service was born. Ironic, isn’t it? WA teaches you to build your own online business but I used it to help my employer further their business. Fast forward a few years and I found myself looking for a job again. Using the skills I learned at WA, I landed a job as a web administrator. All with the skills I learned at WA.

Why the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal is a Big Deal

Before we start talking about all the great bonuses, let me explain why this deal is such a big deal. Way back when, when I first joined WA, I paid the full price. I started out as a free member but eventually went premium. Back then, if I recall, the monthly membership was $49 per month. That worked out to $588 per year. That’s $1.61 per day.

The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal each year is $299 as you see above. That price hasn’t changed in many years. That’s around $.82 per day! Approximately 50% off! Less than a cup of coffee! That’s a serious Black Friday Deal!

Exciting Bonuses This Year!

Kyle and Carson have been diligently working behind the scenes to bring you even greater benefits to joining this phenomenal community. This year there are 4 bonuses to going Premium!

Bonus #1: 7 SEO Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018 – December 1, 2017

This class is all about SEO – search engine optimization. This class will show you how to get ranked in Bing, Yahoo and Google and will include 7 techniques you will need to implement in order to dominate the search engines in 2018.

Bonus #2: Unconventional Ways To Amplify Your Brand in 2018 – December 8, 2017

This class will be all about growing your brand and the rate at which it will grow. New techniques and strategies including brand recognition, site design, creating content, sharing content and becoming an authority in your chosen niche.

Bonus #3: Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Need to Know in 2018 – December 15, 2017

The biggest complaint from most marketers: TRAFFIC!! This class will outline the 7 “shining stars” in the traffic world revealed during this 1-hour class. Once you understand traffic, your site can really take off!

Bonus #4: Kyle Goes LIVE – Insights Into Becoming an Expert in 2018 – December 22, 2017

This will be Kyle’s second LIVE appearance in his 15 years working in this business. In this 1-hour class Kyle will share his insights into building your successful business online. He’ll outline some of his “hidden” tactics and strategies he’s been using to excel in any niche.

What If I’m Not Ready To Become a Premium Member?

No worries! If you are not yet ready to take the plunge, here’s what I suggest you do. Sign up for your free account. Take WA for a test drive. You know. Kick the tires. Use your free membership to create your free website, complete the free training and hang out with us in Live Chat if you want. You are under no obligation to spend any money at all. That is the beauty of your free membership. And you can stay on as a free member for as long as you like. There’s not cut-off time for your free membership.

What If I Miss The Black Friday Event?

If you miss the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal, don’t worry. It will roll around again this time next year. In the meantime, you can still become a member for free.

If you’ve ever been on the fence about building your own business, WA provides everything you need to get started and then some. No matter what business you are in, having a website presence is crucial for your business to succeed.

I hope this article has provided you with all the information you need to decide. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know by submitting a comment below.

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