Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Event

I always get very excited around this time of year! I really look forward to the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Event! Why? Because each year around this time, Kyle (one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate) will send out an email outlining all the great things that are coming up with my yearly membership. And once again, the Wealthy Affiliate discount is running from November 26th – December 3rd. So not only do I get to take advantage of a serious discount on some fantastic training, I’m also going to get access to all the new and/or updated training that Kyle has been putting together during the year.

Today, I received an email from Kyle outlining all the great stuff I have to look forward to. Some of the many topics include:

  • Uncovering a niche
  • My typical day is full of strange research techniques
  • Why content is king
  • A working formula, works in any niche and more

Kyle can usually be found hanging out in the WA Chat. I imagine that a lot of his ideas come from the problems that people ask about in chat. Then he’ll put together a special package full of great stuff as a bonus to your yearly membership.

Why I love the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Event

Last year, Kyle gave us access to a 2-hour audio of him talking about Internet marketing, the trends and where he thought things were headed as well as how we, as Internet marketers, could benefit from being on the inside track.

This year the bonus will be 3 videos! I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing what Kyle’s opinions are on a number of topics related to generating online income. I’m guessing he’ll be showing us some pretty exclusive stuff.

And as always, everything I need to know is right there within Wealthy Affiliate. I rarely have to venture out into the big black hole of the Internet and look for an answer to something related to my business. Between the structured training and the members who post their own techniques through tutorials, I get everything I need.

Thanks for checking in with me. I hope you take advantage of this once a year opportunity. It’s been invaluable to me. To learn more about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, click here.


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