Are you feeling dizzy from all the techie jargon? What’s WordPress? What is a CTA button? What’s Google Analytics?  There are so many terms out there when it comes to building websites. You’d be forgiven if you felt a little dizzy from it all. It can be a lot to take in. I remember the first time I heard the term keyword research and thinking….huh? So today I thought it would be a great idea to dive into CTA buttons. What they are and how they can help your site. So let’s check it out. (By the way, in full disclosure, if you click the image on the right, you will be directed to my favorite place to learn how to build an online business!)


What is a CTA Button?

A CTA button means Call To Action. What’s a call to action? Well, a call to action is (usually) a button that you click to take some form of action. Those actions can include buying something online, subscribing to a newsletter, posting on social media. CTA’s don’t always have to be buttons. The reason they usually are buttons of some sort is because they attract your attention and the idea of a CTA is to get you to do something when you click on it.

Examples of CTA Buttons

CTA buttons can be big, in your face buttons with pretty colors. Some are flashy and I’m sure you’ve seen some that are downright obnoxious looking! But hey, to each his own, right? Below are some common examples of CTA buttons you may have seen before:

  • Closing soon
  • Today only
  • Limited supply
  • Hurry
  • Buy Now
  • Click Here
  • Learn More
  • Try It Free
  • Shopping Cart
  • Subscribe Here

How To Create CTA Buttons

Creating CTA buttons doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can use simple graphics programs such as Button Optimizer, a WordPress plugin, OR in your Paint program that comes standard with all PCs. If you choose to download a WordPress plugin, be sure to read my article on how to choose a WordPress Plugin. This article gives helpful tips on how to choose a plugin and how to install a plugin. You can also have someone design a button for you if you’d rather not deal with it. You could realistically have a new CTA button within a few minutes with just a few clicks. Some websites, such as the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, have a CTA button that is built into the theme.

Personally, I like Button Optimizer.  It’s very user friendly. It may look a little scary but it’s pretty simple to use and also pretty flexible. In the left panel, you can see the choices you have such as text, font, etc. and the right side displays your choices. Then you can save it, download it and insert it right into your WordPress site.

Change colors, borders and shadows to make a fancy button. You’ll have fun just experimenting with it!

Using the Button Optimizer

  1. Type in your text for your button
  2. Choose your font. There are not a lot to choose from
  3. Choose your font color. ffffff is the hexadecimal color for white
  4. Choose your font size and style
  5. The right panel shows what your button looks like as you create it
  6. Choose your background top color
  7. Choose your background bottom color
  8. Choose your border color
  9. Click the remove icon link to remove the rounded arrow
  10. Turn Text Shadow on/off
  11. Turn Box Shadow on/off
  12. When you are happy with your button, click the Download as PNG image button

In this case, I used the default colors of the button and made changes to the text, border and shadows. You can see the base color option at the very top-left of the screen Select Base Color. If you would like to check out colors for your buttons click here. Also check out my article on how to use the instant eye dropper. This is a brilliant tool that you can use to get the hexadecimal color code for any color you like!

Using The Paint Application

Using the Paint application is simple as well. You create the size of your button and add text. The fancy options aren’t available such as padding and customized colors.

  1. Open your Paint Application. Click on a shape such as the rounded rectangle
  2. Click the border size button and choose the weight of the border
  3. Place your curser on your page and click and drag an outline of a rectangle
  4. Click the paint bucket. Click the Colour 1 button. Choose a color. Click inside the rectangle to add the color
  5. Next, click the Text button. Click the Colour 1 button again. Then click inside your rectangle. Before you type your text choose your font, size and weight such as bold before you begin to type. In this case, I am using the Lucida Handwriting font, size 14, bold.
  6. Type your button message. You can then move the text by hovering your mouse over the text until you see the 4-pronged arrows. Then click and drag it until you are satisfied with the way it looks.
  7. Save the button as a .jpg file.
  8. Upload to your WordPress site in your chosen location.
  9. Click on the image to select it so you can add your link.

Best Place to Use CTA Buttons

Placement of CTA buttons will all depend on the purpose of a particular CTA. For instance, if you were promoting Amazon products on your site, the best place for a CTA button to make a purchase would be under the product image. You should be careful not to overuse CTA buttons because it may actually increase your bounce rate.

Buy Now: these buttons are sometimes scattered throughout a page but ultimately should be placed below the product advertised. If they are scattered throughout a page, the page is usually quite long and contains a lot of text. This is common in long sales pages.

Subscribe Here:  These buttons are used for email lists. You enter your email address and you will receive additional information from the owner of the website.

Learn More: These buttons, when clicked, take you to the rest of an article you are reading or to another page with additional information.


Creating and using CTA buttons is a great way to engage your audience while providing a pretty button for them to click on to purchase something, subscribe to your email list, etc. If you color coordinate these buttons with the your site colors, you can create some very effective buttons that help draw the attention of your audience to click on your CTA buttons! Have  you ever experimented with CTA buttons? Please share your experience below.