What Is BoostContent?

Freelancers are always looking for places where they can get paid to write. But finding opportunities that actually pay well is pretty frustrating. BoostContent is one such place that offers freelance writers the opportunity to earn money for their writing. So what is BoostContent and how can it help your bottom line? If you are a great content writer, this could be a great way to supplement your income. Let’s find out.

What Is BoostContent

A Little Background About BoostContent

BoostContent is a Swedish company that provides articles and other services to clients. You would earn money as a Contributor writing articles for clients. Companies pay for services in advance.

The company was founded in 2014 and has around 30 employees.

How Does BoostContent Work?

Freelance writers can sign up to BoostContent and write content for a variety of companies. You can also earn money proofreading and translating.

How To Get Started

What Is BoostContent

First, you need to sign up using their registration form as a Contributor. Once you complete your registration, you’ll be taken to a profile screen where you will choose a username. Provide three links to any articles you have published in the past. List the name of your website if you have one.

From there, choose one or more languages you write in as well as translation languages. At the bottom of the profile screen, choose three areas of interest you wish to write in. After completing the profile information, click Submit. You’ll receive a verification email.

After verification, you need to provide a work sample. You won’t get paid for this but the task is pretty short. Write a 300-word article on a subject listed in the Work Samples.

BoostContent Contact Information

Unfortunately, there’s no phone number for BoostContent. The only way to contact them is by sending a message through their Contact page. So if you have any problems, you could be waiting a while for a resolution.

How Do You Get Paid By BoostContent?

There’s only two ways to get paid. One is through PayPal. The other option is to supply your IBAN number to your bank account. You also need to supply your tax ID number. BoostContent does not deduct taxes from your payments. You are responsible for paying your own taxes on any work you are paid for. Payments are released at the end of each month.

Can BoostContent Help You Earn Decent Money?

It’s possible that you can earn money as a freelance writer but it probably won’t be at BoostContent. According to my research, writers were offered 10 euro for a 500-word article. That’s peanuts! If you managed to write a decent 500-word article in an hour, that’s only 10 euro an hour.

The above information was found on the Reddit website. The person asking for information didn’t say what language the article was to be written in. I hope that pay for translation is higher. Articles written in languages other than English should also demand a higher rate.

There was no indication on the BoostContent website as to how much freelance writers are paid. I presume that this is because each client sets their own prices. BoostContent is the administrator between client and writer.

Is BoostContent Legit?

BoostContent is probably a legitimate opportunity for freelance writers but that doesn’t mean it’s a decent earner. So many of these content mills pay freelancers and writers next to nothing. Any decent content writer knows that writing articles and content is more than just sitting down and writing. There’s a lot of research that needs to be done first. Then you have to outline your article. All before you start typing.

And let’s not forget all the hoops you have to jump through here before you can start looking for a writing gig. You have to provide three samples of your writing and submit a short article beforehand.

If the Reddit post is true, this is quite disappointing. For anyone that is new to freelance writing, this could be a good way to get started but it’s certainly not going to be a good earner. There are other freelance sites that may be more useful to you such as Fiverr, Upwork and Hubstaff.

If you have had any experience with BoostContent, I’d love to hear about it so please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “What Is BoostContent?”

  1. Yes, the payment is low. Though, on the other hand, many of the articles is almost nonsense articles not meant to be read by anyone, just to gain ad money by being SEO (search engine optimised). This means that that 500 words text probably will take like 20 min to write, and it’s easy to make some 15-20 dollars an hour (after taxation) for a fast writer. Not well-payed, but suitable for a student like me thanks to the texts being laughably simple to writer.

    • Hi Jonatan. I’m glad to hear that BoostContent works for you and that you can make some money with them. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience! All the best, Alanna


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