What Is Commission Junction About? A Commission Junction Review

commission junction review

Once your blog has some traction and you are getting good traffic to your site, that’s the time that you may want to monetize your site in order to generate an income. One such site that can help you with that is Commission Junction. In this Commission Junction review, I’ll outline how this site can help you as well as warn you about the pitfalls. So let’s get going. What is Commission Junction?

What Is Commission Junction About?

Commission Junction has been in business for over 20 years. Their main office is in Santa Barbara, CA but they also have offices in other countries. They recently rebranded and are now called CJ Affiliates. You may have heard them referenced in that way before as well. They are one and the same. Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network company where you can sign up as a publisher and use their links to post on your site in order to earn commissions.

How Does Commission Junction Work?

So the way it works is that CJ Affiliate acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers such as yourself. Commission Junction partners with some pretty big name companies such as Office Depot, J. Crew, Lowe’s, Overstock, and Barnes & Noble among others.

Sign up is free. So once you sign up, you can head over to the advertiser section and start searching for advertisers to promote. You should choose an advertiser that is related to your blog. Once you find one or more that you are interested in, you can then apply to promote their links. You will earn commissions from clicks on those links.


Good Link Choices
There are a few different ways you can use advertiser links on your blog. Options include text links, banners, images, and widgets.

Easy Search Options
You can search by advertiser or keyword. You can also search by category, language, advertiser’s country, geographic source and even currency.

Payment on the 20th of each month via direct deposit, paper check or Payoneer. Payments are net 20 so you will receive your payment 20 days after the end of the month. You will also need to meet the minimum payout of $50 USD for direct deposit or $100 USD for a paper check.

Registered with BBB
Commission Junction/CJ Affiliate is listed as an accredited business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has an A+ rating. However, it does have a few complaints listed there but they have addressed these complaints. It’s important to note that none of the complaints are from publishers.

commission junction BBB rating

Commission Junction Complaints

Only Available In A Few Countries
Unfortunately, Commission Junction is not available worldwide. It’s only available in the United States, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. If you are a resident outside of these countries, you’re out of luck here.

Sign Up To Advertisers Individually
Some affiliate networks are set up so that as soon as you join, you can simply choose a product or service to promote. Not so with Commission Junction. You will have to apply to each advertiser individually and wait to be approved.

Disapproval Disappointment
Just because Commission Junction accepts your application, it does not mean that Advertisers will. Advertisers are not obligated to work with you so they can decline your application to use their links. The reason an advertiser may decline your application is lack of traffic to your site or they may feel that your site does not fit their particular category.

How Do You Get Support?

If you have a problem that needs to be addressed, you can call the Support Team at 800-761-1072 or go to the Support Center.

Is Commission Junction a Scam?

If you have a website that gets decent traffic, you could make some good money here. A lot will depend on ad placement as well. You don’t want to overload your website with ads, though. Afterall, you do want your visitors to come back, right?

So Commission Junction is not a scam. It’s been in operation for over 20 years so that should give you some peace of mind should you decide to check them out.

Final Verdict

Commission Junction, aka CJ Affiliate, is one of many affiliate networks out there that can help you monetize your website. It works similarly to Shareasale where you sign up with advertisers and publish links on your site. They can’t help you create a website so if you don’t already have a site, check out my number one recommendation where you can get two free websites along with free support and training.

Have you checked out CJ Affiliate/Commission Junction? How is it working for you? Please be sure to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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