What is Guest Blog Posting? Can It Help Your Site Rankings?

Once your site is up and running for a while, your may want to reach out and start guest posting. There are many benefits to guest posting. If done right, it can be a great way to reach new audiences. So what is guest blog posting and can it really help your site rankings?  In this article, we’ll talk about what guest posting is, how to get started, and the benefits and pitfalls. Let’s get started.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is writing an article for another site in your niche. You would normally connect with a more authoritative site. That’s really it–in a nutshell. You may have also heard the term “outreach.” This is another way of saying guest posting. Back in the backlink days of yore, this strategy was used as a way to increase backlinks to sites. This is no longer an effective strategy because backlinks are dead. Ok. They’re not REALLY dead. You can still get quality backlinks but that’s no longer the purpose of guest posting.

What Is Guest Blog Posting

You shouldn’t guest post for backlinks. Instead, you should guest post for traffic to your site. If your site has around 50+ articles on it, then you should have a pretty good grasp of your niche and your audience. Then you can explore the idea of guest posting. Now let’s talk about the benefits of guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Not only is guest posting a great way to extend the reach of your site and your niche, there are a bunch of other benefits. When your guest blog on another site, you usually receive a link back to your site. Anyone who reads your guest post can click on your link and check out your site and what your have to say. This is also a backlink. Backlinks have received a bad rap in the last few years but this type of link is a high quality backlink because it’s a link from within your niche.

Having more traffic on your site means more comments and higher rankings. Google will see that people like your content and will therefore rank that content higher simply because it’s more popular.

Another great thing about guest posting is that some sites will even pay you to guest post! Yup! There are sites out there that will pay you! The amount you’re paid will depend on the word count of the article as well as other criteria. You may not find a paying guest posting gig in your particular niche, but it is certainly worth checking into.

Fresh engagement on your site. Guest posting on other sites can generate more traffic to your site with fresh engagement.

Prerequisites to Guest Posting

Before your get started with guest posting your should have a few things in place first. You should have a site that’s aged on the Internet, i.e., a site that’s at least a year old. It should have good quality content and you should have a certain amount of engagement with your audience. You should also be able to consider yourself an authority on your niche which is another reason why your should have an aged site. It will go far to prove your know what you’re talking about.

Getting Started With Guest Posting

The best way to get started is by networking with other sites. This means researching to find other sites that may compliment your site and are in a similar, if not the same, niche. So if your have a website about a specific type of cookware, guest posting on another cookware site would be very complimentary to your business. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Do a search on your niche by entering in [your niche] + guest posting into a search bar. So if I had a cookware site my search would be something like skillet cooking + guest posting. Your search will return a ton of results for your to explore.
  • Next up, check out sites you’re interested in. Get to know how the author thinks and writes.
  • Leave comments. By leaving comments your are engaging in their content which is something we all want–more engagement with our audience!
  • Ask questions in your comments. This will contribute to developing a relationship with the author and the site.

Develop a relationship with the author of the site by leaving comments over a month or so. The author will get to know you. They will respond to your comments. By leaving more comments on a regular basis, the author will remember you. That way, when you do connect with them about a possible collaboration, the owner will already be familiar with you.

Mistakes to Avoid

In order to cultivate a decent relationship with a site owner, there’s a few things you should avoid:

  • Don’t do a drive by. Don’t just hit a bunch of sites with a comment and forget about it.
  • Don’t contact the author of a site after leaving one or 2 comments.
  • Don’t contact the author at all if you’ve never left a comment or engaged with them prior.
  • Don’t write or pitch a poorly written article. You are wasting your time.

Not to mention, no one will consider  allowing a poorly written article on their site because their reputation is at stake.

Pitching Your Guest Posting Ideas

Find high quality sites to pitch your guest posting ideas to. Be careful not to aim too high. If the blog is more of an authority site such as William Sonoma, your’ll have a hard time getting a guest posting gig. Blog managers have high standards for anyone they allow to guest post. So the quality of your content should be pretty high and you should be able to consider yourself an authority on your niche. Invite them to visit your site so they can see firsthand the quality of your writing and your style. Once your have developed a relationship with a blog manager, send them an email with an idea your have for a guest post. The post should be within your niche and relevant to your site as well as theirs. You can even draft an outline or write an entire article so they get a sense of what your want to talk about. Make sure that the article your pitch is relevant to their site and yours. It should be free from grammatical errors and typographical errors and should also have relevant links to reliable sources.

Keep Track Of Guest Posting Sites

When your start making contact with other sites for guest posting, it’s a good idea to keep track of who you’ve contacted and if your article received any response. This will help you to stay on top of who is receptive and who isn’t. You can do this quite easily with a simple Excel spreadsheet or Google Docs.


Guest posting can really help boost your site and your reputation as well as your rankings and your following by exposing you to other sites. You will benefit from the networking aspect of guest posting. Don’t be surprised if there’s a reciprocal arrangement offered. That’s a great way to help someone else out by allowing them to guest post on your site. It will also give your readers fresh content to read from someone different that writes in a different voice.

Have your had any experience with guest posting that your would like to share? Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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