What is Microworkers.com? Is it a Scam?

Microworkers is another task-based website where you can earn money doing small tasks. It is very similar to Amazon MTurk. Amazon MTurk is not available outside the U.S. so Microworkers could be the answer for people who reside outside the U.S. who want to earn money online.

What is Microworkers.com?

Microworkers connects businesses with individuals (Microworkers) to get tasks done. The type of work offered includes transcription, surveys, content moderation, data mining, data extraction, image tagging, and more. All campaigns created by an employer must be submitted for review and approval. Employers can also target up to 10 countries for tasks. Likewise, employers can also exclude certain countries.

How Does Microworkers Work?

An employer creates a campaign with Microworkers and adds it to a category. Employers can run continuous tasks by using an “auto-refill” feature. The tasks are can range from liking a Youtube video, writing an article, clicking on web pages, etc. Most of these types of tasks don’t take a lot of time to do which is why these tasks are priced so low. The average task takes only a minute or so to do such as clicking on a web page. The screenshot below is some of the best rated jobs available for me here in Ireland.


Microworkers best rated jobs

Who Can Use Microworkers?

Microworkers is open to people in the U.S. as well as international workers. All workers can participate and can only have one account. Likewise, it’s also available to all employers who have tasks that need to be done. You don’t really need any special skills. There are no skills requirements but there are competency tests available.

Microworkers Payment System

So in order to get paid, you have to complete a job. Then the employer reviews and rates the task you completed and authorizes you to be paid for the task. Microworkers pays in a number of ways. You can be paid into your PayPal account, directly into your bank account via Moneybookers (Skrill) or Payoneer.


  • Easy signup
  • Available for workers within and outside the U.S.
  • Employers can deposit money in a Worker’s account using a credit card, Skrill or Dwolla
  • Employers can also pay bonuses to workers for exceptional work which is defaulted at the task value. The employer can award a bonus between 10% and 200% of the task value.


  • Not a lot of jobs available. Even less if you live outside the U.S.
  • Very low pay for tasks
  • You cannot do a job without a PIN. In order to get a PIN you need to supply your mobile phone number and the PIN will be sent to you via SMS/TXT or by mail–not email.
  • While there are many different categories of work, not all of the categories actually have tasks in them.
  • Getting paid can take weeks
  • Payout limit is $9


When researching this company, I was relieved to find that they at least had an address listed on the website. I also checked the Better Business Bureau where I found there had been one complaint lodged for non-payment as recently as this past July 2017. At the time of publishing this post, the issue had not been resolved. If you decide to try making money with Microworkers, I would advise using your PayPal account for payment. I say this for a few reasons: (1) the payment should be faster; (2) it safer–lowers the fraud/scam factor if you don’t provide your banking details. When it comes to providing your banking details to anyone, especially online, be extremely careful.

What is Microworkers.com? Well, I wouldn’t call this a scam site, but the time you spend making a little money on tasks makes this a less attractive way to earn decent money online. Your time would be better spent creating your own online business.

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