What Is Outsourcely? Can A Freelancer Excel Here?

Freelancers are always looking for consistent income and that can be hard to come by sometimes. Most freelancer sites such as Upwork and Hubstaff have short-term assignments. If you are lucky you might be able to find long-term assignments as well. Outsourcely works differently than other freelancer sites. In this Outsourcely review, I’ll outline how it works and if it can work for you. You may be disappointed by what I found out.

What is Outsourcely?

Outsourcely is a site that connects employers with remote workers. It is located in Sheridan, Wyoming and was founded in 2014. According to my research, there’s no other company information available. No owners, number of employees, etc. on sites like Wikipedia, Crunchbase, or the BBB.

what is outsourcely

How Does Outsourcely Work For Freelancers?

The idea behind Outsourcely is unique compared to other freelancer sites. Outsourcely pair you up with actual employers who are looking for remote workers. These employers are looking for more permanent staff so there are full-time jobs available.

When you sign up with Outsourcely, you complete your profile and add a list of skills. You’ll also add any previous jobs you’ve held, salary requirements, preferred number of hours you’d like to work, level of English, birthdate, gender, and a contact phone number. You’ll also add a profile photo. All this is required before your profile is completed.

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Outsourcely Pros

As indicated above, Outsourcely connects you with employers that are looking for full-time/part-time permanent staff. Remote workers can join from all over the world.

Outsourcely Cons

Sparse FAQs

The FAQs on the company website only address issues related to employers. There’s no information in regard to prospective employees. The FAQ page only has five questions on it.

No BBB Information

Outsourcely is not listed on the BBB website (Better Business Bureau) in any way so there’s no way to know anything about this company.

No Company Information

I could not find any company information other than it seems to be located in Sheridan, Wyoming. I also managed to find a phone number and email address but that’s it.

No Terms and Conditions

When you sign up, you are asked to accept the Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions link directs you back to the homepage. I’ve done a few different searches and have not been able to find the Outsourcely Terms and Conditions anywhere.

Eventually, I decided to create an account even though I didn’t have access to the Terms and Conditions. After I activated my account, a chat bot popped up asking me welcoming me and asking me if I needed any assistance. I asked for a link to the Terms and Conditions so that I could finish creating my account. Until I have a chance to read them, I’m not comfortable adding any additional information about myself.

Outsourcely Support

If you have questions or need support, you can email Outsourcely at: contact@outsourcely.com. You can also call their Customer Support number in Wyoming: 530-721-9097.

Should You Join Outsourcely?

The fact that I could not read their Terms and Conditions really bothers me. That’s a huge red flag right there! Their Privacy Policy states that they can keep all the information you upload about yourself even after you delete your account.

At the time of this writing, I still have not heard back from Outsourcely regarding my question about the terms and conditions. It’s now been over 22 hours and it appears that the person that welcomed me still has not even seen my message. This doesn’t instill a lot of faith.

This is probably the shortest review I’ve ever done simply because the information about Outsourcely is so sparse. It looks great but the lack of information should give you pause.

If you have had any experience with Outsourcely, I’d love to hear from you so please be sure to leave a comment below.

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