What is Paid2youtube About?

what is paid2youtube about

Company Information: None
Location: No information available
Phone: No information available
Website: http://paid2youtube.com/index
Rating: 1 out of 10

Do you watch a lot of videos? Wouldn’t it be sweet to earn money watching videos? Afterall, you’re already watching. Why not put that down time to good use and get paid to watch, right? Of all the ways I’ve seen to make money online, this is one way I didn’t see coming–Paid2youtube. So what is Paid2youtube about? Can you really get paid watching Youtube videos?

What is Paid2youtube?

So the way it works is that you can actually get paid to watch Youtube videos. You can also promote your own Youtube videos for other members to view–for a fee. If you take a look at the fee structure you will see that it will take a heck of a long time to make money here. At the time of this review, the site claims to have 522K members and a payout of $66K+ as indicated in the screen grab below.

How Do You Get Paid?

Watching Videos

You get paid $0.005 when you view a video; $0.10 each time you leave a comment on a video; $0.01 each time you rate a video and $0.15 for each subscription you make. You’ll also get paid if your referrals view, leave a comment or rate a video.

Keep in mind that you are joining a membership and your income may rely heavily on the number of active members here. The amount of time you may spend watching a video only to be paid $0.005 seems completely insane to me. That’s half a cent to watch a video! What if that video is 5 minutes long or longer? With that in mind, do you really think you are going to make any kind of decent money here? This sounds a bit like another review I did for Protypers.


Another way to make money here is by referring people so that you get paid when they view, leave a comment or rate a video. You’ll also be paid $0.15 per each subscribed member you refer.  To make any decent money here you’d have to refer a ton of people who will be just as active as you are within the community.

Buy Advertising Packages

So aside from referring others to this program, you can also make money by buying advertising packages. When you buy a package, Paid2Youtube will need to approve the video first. Then it will be placed at the top of the Surf Videos link at the top of the website. You will be charged for each unique visitor. And the number of visitors you purchased is guaranteed. Note: You don’t have to have an account with Paid2Youtube.com to buy advertising.

Here’s the Rub

So let’s say you buy 100 video views at $2.00. That’s $0.02 per video. For each video view, you’ll only earn $0.005! Yup. Half a cent! You will have to hope that your videos are good enough to be picked up by the search engines and gets outside visitors, and earn comments and ratings as well. That could be a big ask.

Free Money

If you can get outside visitors, i.e., non-members, to your Youtube video to also watch, leave a comment and/or rate your video, you can earn money that way, too. Any views outside of your advertising package won’t count against the quota you purchased. That’s what they call “free money.” The big question here is what kind of videos will you hope people watch? If you are creating your own videos, such as how-to’s, etc., you have to factor that in. You won’t get paid to create your video. You’ll only be paid if someone watches that video.

So here’s what sound a little funny (strange) to me. Why would Paid2Youtube pay you for visitors that are not active members of their site? How does that help THEM make money? Wouldn’t they LOSE money that way? Hmmmm. The only way I figure this company could be making money from outside visitors is perhaps through ads that run before the video or alongside the video like Google ads or something.


Paid2youtube offers two bonuses. One is for $0.05 just for signing up with them and the other is an offer for 250 free video views when you buy an advertising package.

Now, the 250 free video views is an interesting one because that offer is actually through another company that Paid2youtube have partnered with called TrialPay.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Can cash out after you earn $10
  • Paid to leave comments on videos
  • Referral program


  • No company information; no phone number. The only information I was able to find about this site is that the site is held in Pennsylvania. No other company information.
  • You will only earn half a cent to view each video.
  • When you cash out, your payment can take up to 30 days before it appears in your Paypal account.
  • You have to buy advertising packages to promote your own videos
  • In order for your video to be picked up by search engines, it has to be active on Paid2Youtube for a long time. And there’s nothing more definitive to the “long time” time frame–a week, a month, 3 months, etc.
  • The forum only shows proof of payment posts. Again, that’s odd. No specific questions about how the system works, etc.
  • The advertising packages seem like a ripoff. The price you pay to rent referrals far exceeds the amount you’ll be paid for each visitor view.

There’s HUGE RED FLAGS about this company. The biggest one being that there’s no company information anywhere! No address, phone number, nothing.  If you are using this site and run into payment problems, your only recourse is by email. That doesn’t exactly scream confidence to me.

What is Paid2youtube about? Well, it seems to me that this site is set up to take your money–not pay you money. Yeah, sure, they’ll throw you a few pennies for your video views, referrals, etc., but this business model is set up to make money off you–not the other way around.

If there’s anyone out there that can dispute my findings, please comment below. I’d love to be wrong. In the meantime, I’d steer clear of this one. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this site. You’ll spend a lot of time here making very little money and even spending your own money in the hope that it will pay off someday. And we all know that someday really means never.

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4 thoughts on “What is Paid2youtube About?”

  1. Hi Alanna, thanks for the warning. The idea of getting paid to watch You Tube videos sounded good, but as you have very clearly explained, it would take ages to earn anything with this program. And time is money. I’m always on the lookout for viable programs with a good return on TIME Invested (could I coin the term ROTI, derived from ROI?) Have you come across any quick cash opportunities with no red flags or upsells?

    • HI Lauren. I watch a far amount of Youtube videos which prompted the idea to see if you could actually get paid to watch! I was pretty surprised to find a site that offered that! As you know from reading the review, all is not what it seems. I’m always trying to get people to realize that time is money and if you are trying to make a living online, these penny sites are the worst! I haven’t come across any quick cash opportunities that are legit so far but I’m always on the lookout! Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! BTW, there’s no harm in trying to coin the phrase ROTI! 😉 Alanna

  2. After reading this review it sounds like anyone who would get involved with paid2youtube would either need to be incredibly stupid or be working for the company! I know there are lots of other programs out there that will toss you a few pennies just to make you feel like you are earning money but this one seems worse than most. I totally agree that the fact there there is no listed contact information is a huge red flags. Are people really that naive? The answer is sadly yes!

    • Hi Lynn. I think there’s a lot of people out there looking to make a quick buck on the Internet not realizing that there’s really no such thing. Protypers was another review I did that was similar–no contact information and only paid you pennies. I actually tested out that site and worked for hours only to earn around 70 cents! The only way to make a quick buck is to scam someone. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! Alanna