Writers Work Review: More Questions Than Answers

If you have recently decided to become a freelancer, finding sites that give you training support is an added bonus. So sites that not only list potential jobs but also have support through additional training programs help you to develop your skills and can make it easier to get into the freelancing mindset. Writers.work is one such company. In this Writers Work review, I’ll take you through how it works and explain the pitfalls. But you may want to avoid this one. 

What is Writers.Work? 

Writers.work is a pretty new company. This company was created in January 2018 and is located in Austin, Texas. It connects freelancers with employers through job listings and also includes training videos and writing tools. There’s no ownership information about this company but lists Jennifer Harrell as a Customer Contact. This particular site is most useful to freelance writers.

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How Does Writers.Work Work?

Writers.work is a marketplace where freelancers can find and apply for work. This is a paid membership site and there are two offers. The first offer is an early-bird offer for a lifetime membership of $47. The second plan is a monthly plan for $15 per month. 

Once inside the site, freelancers create their profile and a pitch to prospective employers much like Upwork and Hubstaff. If you are within the U.S. you will be required to complete a W-9 form when you get a job. Jobs can be hourly or project work. Some of the jobs will display $0 which means that you need to apply to the employer to find out what the price is.

Writers.work Requirements

In order to be a freelancer at Writers.work, you will need to be at least 18 years or older and have a reliable Internet connection.

What We Like About Writers.Work 

There are a few good features to this site such as:

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Available both inside and outside the U.S.
  • Additional premium features can be purchased that include coaching sessions and video courses
  • Freelancers’ Toolkit: another premium purchase available as a downloadable PDF. It includes templates and cheat sheets, a tax guide, personal budget template, resume template and sample client contracts 
  • Affiliate program

How Do You Make Money With Writers.Work?

Your earnings will vary depending on your individual capacity, expertise, business experience and desire. There are no guarantees as to how much you can expect to make or the level of success you will have. It will also depend on if you are being paid hourly or by the project.

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What Type of Work Will I Do at Writers.work?

Work can range from website content, landing pages, blogs, SEO, case studies, articles, brochures, flyer content, product reviews and descriptions, ebooks, ghostwriting, and LinkedIn articles.

When Do Freelancers Receive Payments?

Payment methods include Paypal, direct deposit, and check by mail. The Terms do not specify how your earnings are distributed. There’s no mention if your earnings are held in an escrow account, if Writers.work manage the distribution of funds, or if your employer manages the distribution.

How Do You Sign Up For Writers.Work?

To sign up for Writers Work, click the “Get Started Now” button on the home page.

Support For Freelancers

Should you encounter problems, you can contact them through their chat bot or send an email to: support@writers.work. You can reach them by mail to: P.O. Box 340338, Austin, TX 78734-0006. You can also find them on Facebook.

Writers.Work Complaints

This site has come into some scrutiny so in this Writers work review, I wanted to make sure to address the red flags I found that may make you think twice.

No Free Trial

Most people wouldn’t see this as an issue but in this case, I think it’s important to note. As soon as you click the “Get Started Now” button, you are immediately asked to choose a payment option before you even get to see behind the curtain. The terms and conditions also don’t provide any decent information.

Paid Membership

You have your choice of paying a discounted one-time fee of $47 or $15 per month. Either way, freelancers should not have to pay to find work.  Prospective employers who use the service looking for freelancers should be the ones paying the fees. But that’s just one gal’s opinion!

BBB Rating = F

There have been several complaints logged with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) since this company has started. The company has only been in existence since January 2018 yet there have already been 15 complaints logged with the BBB. Complaints range from billing issues, problems getting refunds and issues with the guarantee. Of those 15 complaints, 11 have not been addressed by the company. This failure to respond has contributed to the F rating.

Support Will Cost You Extra

Writers.work does provide additional support in the form of coaching sessions and video courses as well as a Freelancers’ Toolkit PDF. But in order to get that support you have to pay extra for it. If you don’t purchase the additional support, you are basically paying for a job search service.

The Non-Refundable Bit

If you buy a monthly membership and decide to cancel within the 30-day time period, you will get your money back. But, if you bought the Lifetime Membership and/or any of the premium add-ons, they are not refundable.

Is It Worth Joining Writers.Work?

I have to say I’m a bit skeptical about this one. In writing this Writers Work review, it’s been pretty hard to dig through the limited information to get an idea about how you can make money here and if this site is worth joining. While I found a list of ways you can make money, I couldn’t actually take a look at any of the possible jobs. So there’s no way of telling how many jobs are available or anything about them.

Online work from home gigs in general don’t pay a lot so paying for a membership here seems excessive especially when there’s no guarantee you will get a job here. 

With all the complaints listed on the BBB website in such a short amount of time, this site raises some red flags for me. No phone number and no response from the company in regards to the complaints. So I’d have to say be careful with this one. 

As much as I would have loved to jump onboard here to get an inside peak, I’m not willing to part with my credit card number right away only to risk not getting my money back if I am disappointed.

Writers.work provides support and tools to help you get started. But you’ll also have to go to all the trouble of paying a membership fee, creating a profile and portfolio, and creating a pitch.

You can check out more information on Writers.work by checking out their FAQ. Have you done any work for Writers Work? If there’s anybody out there that can share their experience, I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a comment below.

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